Tips to Add Value to Your Apartment or Home By Using Smart Home Technology

Tips to Add Value to Your Apartment or Home By Using Smart Home Technology

You’ve re-landscaped your yard, repaired damages, repainted your interior walls, remodelled the bathroom, and while your apartment no longer looks dated, you want to be sure that your place is technologically savvy before you either rent it or sell it.

Whether you live in an apartment in Denver, Colorado or a penthouse in London, smart technology is the way to go, and here are some ideas that can definitely add future value to your property.

Smart HVAC

Every heating or cooling degree saved can mean a three per cent energy bill reduction. That can be huge annual savings, and with costly annual energy bill increases, a smart thermostat can help you save significant dollars. Smart thermostats not only can be programmed to set different target temperatures for any hour of the day, but they can also be controlled from your laptop or a hand-held device.

The best apps will even interface with outdoor weather conditions to help that you never have a too-hot or too-cold apartment, and the days of mistakenly keeping your unit at 68 cool degrees while you were working a 12-hour day at the office can be gone.

Smart Lights

First, go LED. These are hugely cheaper to operate, throw more light per electric watt used, and can even be dimmed with a properly installed dimmer switch. There are even different LED colors now, and in addition, LED lights are being manufactured to fit your odd fixtures. There is no good reason to avoid using LED lighting both inside and outside your home or apartment.

Then get an app that controls them. Rather than using that old timer system that your parents set up when they went on vacation, you can control the lighting from your phone at any time of day for any reason.

Smart Locks

Forget about finding a neighbour that would keep your property keys in case a deliveryman or service tech had to enter your property while you were on vacation. And, forget about those bulky and hard-to-program four-digit manual keyless entry doorknobs.

A smart lock (see the best options here) can be controlled from your mobile device, and you can remotely change entrance codes in a minute. The really good units allow you to see who is at the door through a remote camera function, and the best ones allow you to speak to anyone that comes to the door.

We’re sure you have read the story about the homeowner that scared a would-be burglar by speaking to the person through the doorknob while on a mobile device.

Smart Appliance

Even your intellectually challenged old appliances can get be given a quick education with a smart electrical outlet app system. Plug any appliance into one of these and you can control when it turned on and off. Don’t remember if you turned off the stove? Just check your app, and if you didn’t, you can quickly rectify that situation.

You can have a great yard, updated fixtures and new appliances, but you’ll need to add smart features to your residence in order to be on technology’s cutting edge. If your home or apartment is smart-ready, it will simply have more value.