All the Information You Will Need About Socket Sets

In modern-day engineering, we use loads of components to create even the simplest things. When the components are considerably large or mechanical in nature, we use lots of nuts and bolts to hold them together. This gives us the flexibility to change and fix these components by taking the nuts and bolts out.

The way we can accomplish this is by using socket sets. Thus, it has become a critical tool in every toolbox. Socket sets can be used to not only take apart complex machinery but also for very simple household tasks like joining or taking apart furniture or household items.

Socket sets are very popular hardware. However, if you do not know about them, it can be very confusing to purchase or operate a socket set. This article delves into the topic of socket sets. It tries to give you some important information about the apparatus that you should know.

socket set

What is a socket set?

A socket set is a combination of hand-held apparatus that is used to take off or tighten nuts, bolts, and other types of fasteners. The socket set’s hand-held part is like a wrench. It moves sideways and uses lever-mechanisms to take off tight bolts or tighten them more.

Usually, a socket set comes with a big box or a pouch, filled with various socket heads. These are interchangeable parts. These socket heads are there for different sizes of nuts and bolts that are used.

Fair warning though, no single socket set box will be able to provide you with all socket sizes. Because the nuts and bolts available in the market are so diverse in size and type, it is not possible to cover in one set.

Socket sets are of variable prices. The good one will set you back some, but they are worth every penny. You have to go to the market and buy the best one for yourself.

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What are they mainly used for?

Socket sets have various uses. It is used in heavy works, such as in heavy industries, like motor or shipbuilding. Then again, it will have the softest uses in DIY projects.

Most uses are in motor vehicles. Taking the tire out? You cannot do it without a socket wrench. Changing the battery? You will again need the socket set. Many of the heavy repairs require the use of socket sets in cars, which is why it is very popular garage hardware.

It’s popular in households too. If you want to do a DIY Project, you will need socket sets to attach the nuts and bolts. If you are looking forward to repairing the door hardware, you will need the socket sets.

If you are looking forward to changing your kitchen, many of the plumbing and other parts of the kitchen will require socket sets to replace or change.

Many modern furniture is attached using nuts. They are taken home from the store, disassembled, and then attached at home as DIY projects. Beds, racks, bookshelves, etc. fall in this category.

A socket set comes handy in tough situations, such as when the bolt is rusty or tough to crack. A set with multiple heads will provide you with the perfect fit for this situation. The socket sets will give you some advantage over open-jawed wrenches. As the socket head perfectly fits on the nut’s head, it will be easy to torque and take it off.

Different types of socket sets

Basically, socket sets vary on two principles. Firstly, the size of the nut and bolt they are meant to fix varies among different sets. Secondly, the type of nuts and their shapes also factor in.

Firstly, we are going to talk about the impact socket sets. These socket sets are specially used for automatic tools, such as power wrenches or pneumatic wrenches. Usually, these sockets face very fast rotation and heavy forces, which is why they need corrosion-proofing. Generally, these are made from materials that can be soft, such as aluminium but thick too. Usually, chrome-molybdenum is used to produce these sockets. To avoid corrosion, these are coated frequently.

Next, we are going to discuss imperial socket sets. Historically, these socket sets were taken as standards by the American Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE But, recently a new type of socket set is being used in place of imperial socket sets, known as metric socket sets.

Imperial socket sets were mainly made for nuts and bolts, whose heads were measured in inches or fractions of inch measurements. Various fasteners are still being made using this measurement. But globally, the metric system is now more acceptable.

In modern times, the USA too has started to accept the metric system sockets, which are measured in millimetres. But you will find various imperial sockets that are equivalent to the metric socket sets, and they will do the jobs just fine although that is not recommended.

Deep socket sets are another type of socket sets. These are used for fasteners whose heads are bigger than usual. Usually, heavy machinery uses this type of bolt. But it’s not uncommon to see this type of socket set outside heavy-duty areas.

The most common type of socket sets we see are the hex sockets. These are for your everyday use of six-angle fasteners. These sets consist of socket heads of various sizes and depths. These are most common because hexagonal or six angled nuts are the most common around us. A simple hex socket head will perfectly fit these nuts and provide the proper torque that will help you to take it off.

A socket set is always a great choice for your hardware box. With the availability of all types of socket sets, it is easy to get confused. With this article to help you, we hope you would be more informed on the matter now.