Clever Space-Saving Tips And Tricks For Children’s Bedrooms

Children and clutter come hand in hand – Birthday’s and Christmases bring yet more toys, and the more hobbies they sign up to, the more gear you have to store at home. To compound the problem, it’s most likely the smallest family members are given the smallest rooms in the house!

Fear not, there are space-saving solutions out there that mean you can clear some floor space for learning and play, without having to compromise on style, it just takes a little imagination.

Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

Have fun with stackable toy boxes

A simple but effective storage solution; invest in some stackable toy boxes to neatly organise toys away. You can get creative with toy boxes – mix and match colours and add vinyl stickers for the additional fun factors and to make the tidy up time enjoyable.

Utilise free wall space

If floor space is in short supply, make the most of vertical wall space – clearing the floor will give the illusion of more space and a bigger bedroom! Shelves are great for housing books, certificates and sports trophies!

Invest in a multi-functional bed

When floor space is a premium, get creative and consider multi-functional beds. Taking space-saving one step further, stylish and functional Children’s bunk beds from Room to Grow are a great option, whether you have two children sharing a room or want the added bonus of a spare bed for sleepovers!

If a bunk bed is not for you and you need the extra storage space, consider a cabin bed – it’s amazing what you can fit underneath: play tents, dens, shelves, drawers and even a pull-out desks are features of many cabin beds!

Make the most of hidden under bed storage

When selecting a bed for your child look to see whether there’s room for under bed storage – you may even come across some designs with built-in drawers! These are perfect for keeping last seasons wardrobe, bed linens and towels and less frequently used games and toys, hidden away.

Add a feature dress-up corner

If your child is still into playing dress up or not, add a clothes rail (or two, layered) to a corner of the bedroom to display their costumes or everyday clothes. This fun feature saves on chunky drawers taking up floor space and showcases your child’s outfits all in one! You can then add a mirror beside the rail and voila, your child now has space to complete their look with accessories.

For more space-saving tips, tricks and furniture, check out Children’s bedroom furniture specialists