Creative Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Empty Backyard

It’s been a while since you did some renovations in your backyard or you recently acquired a house with a yard. These are all situations leading to one conclusion – you have an empty space on your hands. Well, of course, after you declutter it and clean it up, that is.

Now, all you need is a great landscaping design to turn your backyard into a stylish haven to relax and entertain in, or to simply feast your eyes on. There are many trends in 2018 you can choose from and it all depends on your personal taste. One thing is certain though, the outdoor space is gaining popularity by the day and it is even desirable to consider it as an extension of the interior.

If you stand before all that empty space in your backyard and wondering what to do, here are some creative ideas that will help with landscaping.

1. The backyard is your outdoor room

Last year, many designers spoke about adding your outdoor space to your home and creating one functional environment. Well, this year, it’s all the rage and the newest trend in the landscaping design world. Instead of using solid walls, opt for glass ones and include as many of the outdoor space as you can into your home.

This will allow you to enjoy the space during winter as well, and bring more light to the house. If this is a too expensive option then create a porch with huge glass doors and awning. You can enclose the porch later on when you have more resources, but for the summer, it will be a perfect spot to have your morning coffee.

2. Fire pits are essential

Fire pits are this year’s hottest trend and every homeowner should have one in their backyard. They’re surprisingly easy to build and you can even do it by yourself. However, before you start building one, make sure that you know where you want it. You can use it as an additional grill, decoration or heater on cold nights, and even all these combine.

Therefore, whether it’s going to be the centerpiece of the seating area or only one of the decorations can affect the overall landscaping design. Some fire pits are above the ground with stonewalls intended to add rusticity to the landscape, while others are concrete bowls heading in the minimalist direction. Just like any other detail, you plan to include in your backyard, fire pits need to know their place.

3. Paving the backyard

In 2018, it’s going to be all about mixing nature with man made objects. Using stone tiles to make a backyard pathway will give you the smoothness and the natural feel that concrete wouldn’t provide.

Geometrical designs like rectangles made of tiles will allow you to plant moss between them or grass which will give enough contrast without using paint. This is also a great way to create pathway while using succulents and solar lamps on both sides will help you define it.

4. Build a pool

There used to be the time when swimming pools in the backyards were luxury and reserved only for the rich and wealthy with villas. However, today, there are all sorts of pool designs that can fit any budget and backyard. It will not be the cheapest part of the renovations, but it’s well worth it during the hot summer days.

Don’t bother with geometrics, but rather use some free form and be creative with tiles for the pool’s bottom. If you don’t have a big backyard space, then geometrical is the right way to go, but in order to avoid the boring lining, add some separators like transparent bamboo or glass fence.

All in all

Having an empty backyard is already a great thing and getting to landscape it is a huge opportunity to create the space you will truly enjoy alone or with the loved ones. Whatever landscaping design you opt for, make sure that you can connect with it and thus feel comfortable being there.

And remember, the most amazing thing about the backyard is that you can change the design and rearrange its structure whenever you feel it’s right. After all, why stay on one landscape design when there are so many more gorgeous to adapt.