6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental Property

It seems like the UK rental market has been on the rise for quite some time now. However, it is foolish to think that you will find your dream tenants as quickly as tomorrow. Don’t forget you are not the only one who has decided to rent his property, not at all. So, you will have to make some efforts!

It is no wonder that prices are still the primary factor for the tenants when choosing their new, temporary home. According to statistics, the properties that are badly, or not at all, maintained, are less likely to be rented by tenants. What a surprise, eh?

To summarize it, if you want to rent your property in a fast manner you must eliminate any obstacles that can get on your way. Making your property look better and is a must, and you should do this before the tenants have moved in. Imagine this, you are buying a house with a broken heating system and the seller promises to fix it, but after you buy the house. Suspicious, right? So it is with the renting…

Let’s see what little home improvements can you do to in order to “seduce” your beloved, future tenants and be ahead of your competitors:

Don’t be afraid of a new paint

Nothing lasts forever, so is it with the paint. Applying a new coat of paint will improve the look of your property. Start with the walls and window frames, if you don’t have the time for a full re-paint.
A new paint will transform your place and make it look more fresh and cleaner. However, be careful when choosing colours, and don’t go for dark ones. Instead, use bright colours as they will make your rooms look more immense and comfortable. If you still want to add your style, check these tips for painting rental properties.


Do a proper floor maintenance

You know how important is the first impression, right? Sometimes it is very hard to change someone’s impression after he has made his conclusion. Make the proper first impression with clean flooring, as it is the very first thing that your future tenants will notice. Before every property viewing, do the following: dust or vacuum the floor and then mop it until it is sparkling.

If you are an owner of laminate flooring, vacuum it first and then use a floor shiner solution. If it has stains or scuffs, get professional help and replace it.

If you are a carpet lover, invest in one that is more resistant to wear and tear. There are some really wild tenants, you know…


Make what it takes to make interior looks clean and neat

No professional skills are required here, you just need to go through the basics. Before showing your property to tenants, make sure you have removed all personal items and clutter. This will give your place a neat and clean look, and tenants will have a better chance to imagine themselves occupying the place and living there. This can be a little bit hard if you refuse to remove the pictures of your grandparents from the wall… If you haven’t cleaned your property for a long time, check the end of tenancy cleaning services near you. When the service is performed before tenants move in, you will have a starting point you can refer to when the tenants are about to move out.

So, family photos, magazines, papers, and toys must be removed. If you have any bulky furniture that feels like it is overcrowding the space, think of removing it, or position it in another place.


Let maximum light shines in

I will share a little trick here: on every viewing, regardless of the weather outside, make sure you have turned on each and every light in the property. You do this to brighten and liven it up. If you have curtains, open them so the light can shine in. Check the outside lights of your house and repair or replace them if needed. If you don’t have sufficient lighting outside of your property, how are tenants going to see your address when a night viewing is arranged?


Make the most of your garden and landscaping

If you have any, of course. A good, well-maintained garden is a sure way to catch your tenants’ attention. Make sure there is no sign of overgrowth and go with mowing the yard, plant flowers with bright colours near the front or patio. Also, you can edge the lawn along the patio and sidewalks.


When renting, act neutrally

Remember, you are going to rent this property, not live in there. You need the likes of the tenants, not to win an award for interior design. A bathroom painted in electric green may be something you were always wishing for, but what about your tenants? Well, they probably will ignore your place because of that. It is vital to stick to neutral colours (beige, tan, cream). Still, you can always make an agreement with the tenants so they can paint the property according to their wishes, as long as they bring back the original color when they are leaving it.

The above applies not only to your walls, but to carpeting, cabinets, light fixtures, and floors. Going after neutral colors is your safest bet and will probably save you money in long terms.