Steel Window Benefits

Whilst home maintenance can seem like a chore and an unwelcome cost, it is essential in order to retain the condition of both our house and our property inside. Each part of a house works together in order to protect us, and our possessions, from the outside elements.

home-windowsWindows can come in different designs and material depending upon their purpose. Steel windows give an excellent period look that is entirely in-keeping with their surroundings, and are superb alternatives to conventionally designed period windows. However, original steel windows do not offer much insulation. Replacement steel windows are the more energy efficient alternative.

There has been a lot of pressure put on home owners to change their original windows to UPVC in order to conserve energy. However, there is an argument to say that the restrictions placed upon homeowners are unfair since there is such little difference between windows that receive an energy rating-A and those that receive even a D rating. Chunky UPVC can also ruin the aesthetics of a house.

With replacement steel windows eliminating almost all condensation, problems associated with period homes’ windows can be resolved whilst still maintaining the original aesthetics of your home. The frames have an increased strength but remain slim-line and secure. They can open up to 90 degrees and, when shut a powerful lock secures the windows to the frame. They also allow much more light in than a chunky UPVC frame.

Much like ‘Hoover’ or ‘Lego’, steel windows has become the generic term for steel window frames. With most steel window replacements, the frames are generally made from strengthened aluminium.

The modern aluminium alternative to original steel windows would also be much more considerate of your bank balance. If you replace your original steel windows with a more energy efficient version then you could save 0.41 tonnes of carbon, with an energy cost saving of £294.21 per year.