4 Stylish And Functional Additions For New-Build Houses

New-build homes are incredibly popular among first-time buyers, but they can sometimes feel a little impersonal. Finding ways to give your new-build character while improving the functionality of the property can be ideal. There are plenty of things you can do to give your new build a truly unique feel.

new build home

Many of the extras and additions that can be made to a new build can be done at a minimal cost. If you have the budget to invest more in the property, you’ll usually be able to see a bigger impact, but this is not essential. Even with the smallest budget, there are ways to help stamp your own personality on your new-build home.

Green Roof

A green roof is a truly unique addition to the home that not only looks incredible but also provides quality benefits for the local wildlife. A green roof is one that has natural grass and plant life growing on it. It creates a habitat for native insects and wildlife while looking beautiful and natural. It can also help with water management, reducing run-off and preventing flooding. A green roof also provides excellent natural insulation for the home.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are simple, elegant and functional. They can help you enjoy your outdoor space at its very best, giving you the ability to open up your home on warm days. There are plenty of options available for bi-fold doors, ranging from options that take up an entire wall to more modest options. VEKA have a huge range of bi-fold doors, all built with energy efficiency and longevity in mind. They offer bespoke designs and sizes to ensure that your bi-fold doors are a perfect fit for your home.

bi-fold doors

Heated Flooring

Heated flooring can be the ultimate luxury addition to a home. Heated floors work by installing pipes or electrical heating below the floors, ensuring that hard floors are warm and cosy on the toes during the winter months. There is a broad range of options available, all perfect for keeping you warm without sacrificing style. You should ensure that any underfloor heating is installed by a professional to get the very best results.

Smart Alarm

A smart alarm can be the best addition to the home to boost peace of mind. There are many types of smart alarms available, from simple doorbell-style alarms to extensive systems that run throughout the house. Smart alarms typically include cameras that you can use to observe the property when you’re not home. They also use motion sensors to alert you to any movement in the property.

Final Thoughts

Customising your property is crucial to help you feel at home. When making any changes, it is important to consider the functionality as well as the style of the addition being made. Combining practical additions with style can be the best way to make the most of your home. It is essential to think about the overall look when redesigning anything at home and ensure that you have a cohesive goal in mind so that your property looks its very best.