Top Tips for a Successful Summer Property Viewing

Summer can be a great time to sell/let your property, as the market is more competitive and the days are longer, giving you plenty of time for viewings. So how do you guarantee a successful summer property viewing?

Whether you’re selling or looking to let a property, there are some top tips and tricks you can use to make your summer viewings as successful as possible.

Just Landlords, which has been nominated for the Best Landlord Insurance Provider prize at this year’s Insurance Choice Awards, has compiled some of its top tips:

1.      Finish all maintenance jobs

Longer, brighter days may mean more flexibility for viewings, but they also mean that it’s more difficult to hide any unfinished DIY/maintenance jobs. For instance, a viewer is more likely to spot peeling paint on lighter days than during the dull days of winter.

Do an inspection of the inside and outside of your property before hosting any viewings, and make a checklist of jobs to tick off before welcoming guests. This way, you’ll give them a great overall impression of the property and won’t put them off with small issues that they may notice.

2.      Brighten the property up

No potential buyer/tenant wants to walk into a dull, drab home during the summer. If your property is cluttered, decorated with dark colours or has little empty space, viewers will be put off instantly.

Take a look at each room and try to bring as much light, air and space in as possible. Whether this means having a major clear-out, painting the walls in a bright, neutral colour or rearranging some furniture, small changes can make all the difference.

3.      Open the windows

Around an hour before a viewing, open the windows in all main rooms of the house to bring in some fresh air and get rid of any unpleasant smells (such as last night’s dinner).

Not only will this help the place feel clean and light, it will also bring some fresh air into the property and stop rooms feeling stuffy. Remember that during the summer, buyers/tenants don’t want to feel cosy in your property; they want to picture themselves chilling there on a warm summer’s night.

4.      Welcome them with fresh smells

During the winter, popular fragrances include gingerbread and cinnamon, but summertime viewings are all about freshness. While opening the windows will clear out any unwanted smells, you could bring in some popular scents to welcome your guests.

This could be freshly baked bread, which is always a winner with prospective buyers/tenants, a recently brewed cup of coffee, which you can also offer to guests, or some fragrant summer flowers, which leads us onto the next tip…

5.      Put some flowers out

To secure a successful property viewing during the busy summer months, you have to go above and beyond the competition. For this, Just Landlords suggests putting out some seasonal additions – flowers!

Flowers can completely transform a space from simple and ordinary to bright and welcoming. But you needn’t go overboard; adding some freshly cut flowers to the hallway table and placing a vase of bright blooms in the master bedroom is enough to create a joyous atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

6.      Don’t forget the garden

If viewers are looking at a wide range of properties, you will need yours to stand out to be successful. This means offering them something they haven’t seen anywhere else, and this can all start with the garden. Even if you just have a backyard, you can show them the potential that your outdoor space has.

Ahead of viewings, consider putting out some new potted plants (which are extremely low maintenance), smart garden furniture and a barbecue to help them imagine spending pleasant summer evenings outside. If you’re targeting buyers/tenants with children, toys like a swingball will entice the little ones!

If you’re trying to sell or let a property this summer, follow these top tips to give you a higher chance of successful viewings – good luck!