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Tag: Maintenance

How to check if your listed building is suffering from wood...

Having issues with Wood Rot in your property? This guide will give you all the information you need to solve the problem...

How A Water Pressure Regulator Works

Having trouble with water pressure in your home? This guide will explain, how, when and why we have water pressure regulators.

Bringing Your Empty Property Back Into Use

Have an empty property and you are not sure what to do with it? This guide will give you tips and ideas to bring your empty property back to a good use.

Landlords, Complete Seasonal Maintenance Tasks this Summer

It’s been a summer to rival that of the infamous heatwave of 1976, with record-breaking temperatures spanning weeks. As such, with such extreme temperatures...

Spring maintenance checklist for landlords

It is a landlord's responsibility to their property is habitable. A spring maintenance check will identify any issues before they cause serious and expensive damage. Find out more.

Property maintenance and repairs – The 6 types of handymen professionals

The image of traditional handymen, ingrained in the minds of many, is that of the jack of all trades but a master of none,...

How to keep a wooden fence looking good

Some owners mark their property’s boundary with a brick wall, others go for a hedge and a small number opt for period-style metal palisade...

Simple ways to increase your home’s value

Rising property values in the UK are encouraging an ever-growing number of homeowners to make improvements to their homes, rather than move. Adding an extra...

How to keep your home warm this autumn

Is your household prepared for the cooler temperatures the autumn nights will deliver? As central heating systems come out of their summer hibernation, a...