Tuesday, 28 January 2020

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What Are the Best Materials for Building a Patio?

Thinking of improving your patio? This guide will give you the best materials for building a patio including gravel and Ceramic tile patios

Clever Ways to Make Your Home Office Comfortable and Practical

Check out this article which will give you tips and ideas on how you shuld layout your home office in order for it to be comfortable and practical

10 Ways to Modernize Your Home No Matter Your Budget

In this article, find out these top tips in order to modernise your home however big or small your budget, including Upgrade Lighting and Repaint the Walls

8 Things You May Not Realise Invalidate Your Home Insurance

There are many things that can invalidate your home insurance, but do you know what they are? Find out more about 8 ways your home insurance could be invalidated...

10 All-Natural DIY Fertilizers for Your Garden and Yard

There is no doubt that chemical fertilizers are toxic to the soil. But what is the best alternative to growing your veggies? Natural fertilizers are effective and have been used for long. Moreover, organic gardening is healthy for us and the planet.

House raffles: in it to win it

Benno Spencer, CEO of Raffle House, talks about the challenges property prize-competitions have faced, the changes being made and why house raffles...

Safety Features You Need to Consider When Renovating Your Home

In this article, find out more about the things you need to consider when it comes to safety in the home when you are making renovations...

Do You Need an HMO Licence?

In this article, find out more about the requirement of a HMO licence if your property rented in a way in which multiple unrelated tenants reside.

Bidet: A Perfect Addition to Your New Bathroom

FInd out more about the benefits of installing a bidet into your new bathroom. Benefits including environmentally friendly & affordable

The Best Smart Home Hub in the UK for 2020

What is a smart home hub? There are many different types of smart products and appliances including, TV’s, refrigerators, speakers, doorbells and home security, lighting...