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Property Maintenance

Everyone enjoys a cosy home and the property inventory does not always affect that much of a much. Either housing or private, to have a nice and comfortable dwelling, full of all your valuables, personal belongings and favourite stuff is without a shadow of a doubt – the best thing ever. We often buy small items in order to decorate our abode, other times we go for a bit bigger and expensiver inventory, which makes the whole property look and feel a bit more beautiful and classy. Not only private home owners and landlords, but tenants as well, choose to upgrade the interior design like dressing floors in wood for an example. We could make a long checklist of why this is a good and a bad idea, but some of the best features is the comfort such home improvement comes along with. Of course, such expensive decisions regarding the contents of a building, house or flat have both its pros and.. cons. It’s a fact the the maintenance could cost you a fortune, since its protection requires a lot of effort and resources, but if your statement goes for a classy dwelling – you should be well prepared. That’s why to keep such home inventory for longer, every owners or renter should be aware of what and how could ruin its good condition.

Inventory Care

Don’t you ever clean it with water or vinegar! It isn’t a long checklist but the can both cause extensive damage to your wooden floor. Wood and liquids simply do not go along. Check out if dust, tiny debrees or particles of any kind are present. If a professional adjudicator does an independent real estate inspection of your property, scratches and fear wear and tear are among the first one will look for and find.

To clean your dwelling right can be tricky

Keep it Tidy and Clean

Many people would like to have a nice wooden floor in their living room. But many people who have it, have no idea how to take a good care of it. Someone would think that it’s the same as having a carpet or tiles, but it’s just not. One of the things that can ruin your wooden floor the most, is cleaning it with anything that contains water or vinegar. These two things can cause severe damage from the first time you use them. Wood and liquids just don’t mix. If you see something wet somewhere on your floor – just get it out of there as fast as you can. Another thing people sometimes forget to do, is to clean all the dirt and debris from the floor regularly. If you forget to do that, soon the floor will be covered in little unpleasant scratches, and I’m sure that nobody wants that.


We all love animals. Unfortunately, they often cause the most harm to your furniture, floors, carpets, doors, windows, or all of your material belongings at once. The list of possible things your pet could do is too long. In case you’re willing to put your realty or rental dwelling at risk, there is a list of things you should take under account. Beware of urine stains and train your pet. Of course – accidents happen all the time. The top tip is to check in before it dries off. Untrimmed nails can also be of a huge danger to your property inventory, since they are among the main sources of scratches on the surface. The other tricky moment is the pet’s water bowl. Just a little spill could turn out costing you a fortune!


Some people have a mistaken idea that it’s absolutely fine to walk in your home while their shoes are on. And after they see the unpleasant damage all over your dwelling’s floor, you will surely regret it. Even your shoes can be an enemy to your property. When you’re at home, it would be a lot better for everything and everybody, if you wear some slippers with a soft bottom. This way your wooden floors will be protected from your influence. And walking over that floor with high heels would be even a more foolish idea.

Furniture Inventory

It may sound silly to you, but personal belongings like furniture can also cause inventory harm. Especially, if it’s not secured properly. The legs of your table or chair can seriously cause deep marks and scratches. Dragging furniture through the room is among the checklist of unacceptable choices. To protect your home from this unpleasant influence, people have created all sorts of protectors and rugs to help avoid direct contact between furniture and floor.

Only after you have read this article, you already know what to avoid doing to your wooden floor. But if you’re a landlord and you’re giving the place for rent, check these articles too.

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