7 Reasons Why Tank Emptying should be carried Out Regularly

Usually found in rural areas, a septic tank specifically, is an underwater sedimentation tank that is used for treating waste water that comes out of the house. The process involves drainage and biological decomposition.

A lot of people end up neglecting to pump up their tanks because they aren’t able to see it and can’t judge on how it should be maintained. This is why it is necessary to seek help of a professional and get Services by Better Service Ltd to make sure that your septic tank is well taken care of.

However, if you don’t even do that, your tank is going to show you some signs of it needing to be emptied. Trust us, you and your family DO NOT want to witness these experiences at all.

Your septic tanks contain a lot of waste material for decomposition purposes, so you can imagine how dangerous some of these signs can be once they get out of hand. And they won’t just be dangerous for you- but they can also be quite harmful for your surroundings and wild life.

If you have a septic tank and aren’t sure why you need to clean it out on a regular basis, we have listed below some reasons why you should.


Slow Draining

If you notice the washing machines, bathtub, toilet or any other drainage system in your home that aren’t working quite right- meaning it isn’t flushing out the waste water properly or if it is but it’s doing it very slowly, there is a chance that the drainage pipes might have been clogged.

At that point it is important to take the necessary precautions of dealing with the unclogging in the pipes. But if it just so happens that your drainage systems are still dealing with slow flushing problems after unclogging, it means that your septic tank is full and that means you need to start emptying it as soon as you can!


Water on Surface

Another indication that your tank is filled to the brim when you start noticing some puddles or pools of water starting to appear at different parts of your house.

However, this clue can be a little difficult to authenticate the fact that your septic tank is overflowing. The reason being is that if you live in a place where the rainy season stays around for the whole year, it can be hard to tell whether if it’s the rain water that is leaving behind the pools or if it’s the septic tank.

In that case, you need to start looking at specific areas around the house to be sure. The pools created by the septic tank are caused because the solid waste in the tank clogs up the drain field pipe system which forces the water to seep out of the surface. If you notice specifically that the pools around the drain field of your septic system are always full, then it means the tank is full and needs to be emptied.


Overly Lush Lawn Patch

If you aren’t aware of this already, than you should know that the grass above the septic tanks is no different from the grass that is spread across the rest of your lawn.

That is exactly why you should be on the lookout on how the grass looks to see the first signs. If you start noticing that the grass looks more green and healthier above the septic bed, despite it receiving the same amount of nutrients as the rest of your lawn, that’s the warning sign of a full tank. The liquid from the septic tank is leaking out, providing the ‘extra fertilisers’ for that patch of grass above the tank.


Unpleasant Smell

The water inside your septic tanks contains all kinds of waste that is flushed out of your house. The dirty water from shower, laundry, toilet etc. are all mixed together amongst the waste in the tank.

That’s why when it’s full, the odor causing gases that have no place to move, start emitting out of the tanks and start spreading around your lawn and even inside your home. Not only is the smell of the waste disgusting, but it is also dangerous for the health of you and your family. So if your house and lawn starts smelling nasty, you know what the cause is.


Well Water Containing High Nitrates

This is specifically for those who have water wells as their main source of water supply. When the septic tanks are full, the forced water can seep into the wells and get mixed into the drinking water which is dangerous for the health.

That is why for those who use wells, it is important that they should test their well waters for high nitrate contents at least once a year. If the content is high, that means the septic tank water is full and is leaking into the wells so it’s time to empty out the tank.


Sewage Backup

If you don’t follow the above signs, you will have no choice but to experience this last catastrophe which is definitely something you should not have to witness.

When neglecting the first signs of a full tank, all the sewage from the tank is very likely to back up and get into your house which is extremely gross and dangerous. The sewage backup will usually start from the lowest drain which will be your basement surface. If you experience this sign, avoid affected area and call a professional immediately.



Aside from getting the horrible experience of having to deal with a sewage backup, getting it fixed by a professional can further go on to put a serious dent in your bank account.

If you call up a professional after hours of their work schedule or on the weekend, you will be surely charged with a massive bill. Furthermore, if the condition is severe, there is a chance you might need to change your septic tank which is going to add an even larger burden to your expenses. To avoid putting yourself in such a position, make sure you follow the first few signs to save your money and your health.