The Pros of Looking Into Temporary Accommodation When Relocating for Work

Relocating for work is no easy task even for the most dedicated HR teams. From the employee’s perspective, they have to think of everything else, from the logistics of packing their furniture to settling down into a new neighbourhood and worry if it would be the right fit for them. This is a bigger concern when multiple family members are involved.

When it comes to relocating, finding a new home with limited time and resources poses a challenge. Very rarely do we get folks who found a perfect home with the first google search.

If this sounds like what you’re going through, perhaps looking for a temporary or corporate relocation may suit your needs.

We’ll take a look at the benefits of temporary accommodation in this article.

Allows You to Get a Feel of the Area

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Typically, your company would hire a relocation specialist to help you look for a new home in the city you’re moving to. These agencies tend to have a database of temporary or corporate housing available for short-term leases (usually less than 6 months) in the city.

This is helpful because you get to learn more about the area, find the best routes to commute to work, as well as look for nearby facilities such as schools, hospitals, and your favourite gym franchise. Also, not to forget one overlooked factor: the safety of the neighbourhood.

If you don’t fit in with the neighbourhood, you can look for another short-term lease in another part of town without having to burn a lot of money. With this method, you’re not committed to signing a long-term lease or putting down a downpayment for a house while worrying if it’s the perfect home.

No Worries About Furniture

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Whether you’re staging your current home as you look for prospective buyers or you’re concerned about delays in furniture arrival, corporate housing is a great solution because they are fully furnished and are in move-in condition even before you sign the lease.

It’s great to know that you don’t have to have dinner on the floor, but that’s not all. Most corporate housing these days provide facilities such as swimming pools and gyms, as well as laundry facilities similar to what you’d expect from a modern apartment.

All you need to pack as you settle in is what you really need for the next few weeks while the logistics of your furniture and storage options are being worked on.

Buys You Time

If you currently own a home and need to sell it before you relocate, you’ll need around 65-93 days before you can close a deal. This also depends on market conditions and whether you live in the city or rural areas.

If you’re buying a house in the new area, this may take 30-45 days after signing the contract. Temporary housing ensures that you’re not pressured into selling your current home and are forced to accept low ball offers, as well as giving you plenty of opportunities to look for the house of your dreams.