Don’t forget these things as your tenancy comes to an end

As if the stress of moving wasn’t enough, when it comes to leaving your old property, there are some essential things that you need to look into before vacating the property. The last thing you need whilst trying to move into your new home is a number of angry texts or emails from your previous landlord. So here are some essential things that you just have to do once your tenancy comes to its end.


Don’t forget to take a final reading of your gas and electricity meter


When you have a number of boxes to move out of your apartment or home, it can be hard to remember that there may be a number of hidden costs appearing right under your nose. It is essential that before you leave the premises that you take a final meter reading of the power you have used during the final months of your tenancy.  That way you can prepare to pay the final bills before either switching your utilities to your new home, or just disconnecting from their services all together.  This can avoid any future confusion between you and the new tenants, as if you do not do this and the bills are still placed under your name, the new tenants will not be able to open the letters to see what their costs are. Not to mention they also may be left with some debt in the house’s name which may lead to some very angry phone calls.


Council Tax

This is another hidden cost that may haunt you if you do not warn them in advance about your move. There will always be an overlap period between your residency in your old and new house, this is why the council of your city need to know as quickly as possible about your move so that they can tally up your final bill and calculate any rebates for the month.


Ensure that your transportation is all prepared

Whether you use a fully-fledged removal service, your own car or perhaps a van from “Compare The Man and Van”, you need to ensure that your transportation is waiting outside your house at the correct time for your move to go efficiently. Be sure to judge how much you need to transport, as you do not want to hire a smaller vehicle if you have a lot of belongings that needs to be boxed and taken to your new residence. Judge how much you need to take and make a list of items in your house to ensure that you have not left anything behind.


Clean your house

Remember that deposit you put down at the start of your residency? Well, you won’t be seeing that back unless the house is completely spotless once you have left. You can either hire a professional service, that your landlord can also recommend, or get to work with some bleach and a mop. Be sure to scrub every part of the house and leave any objects owned by the landlord in the premises.