The benefits of designing your own wardrobe

Designing your own wardrobe allows you to create the perfect space for your clothes. Your clothes will stay more organised, and the wardrobe can blend in seamlessly with the décor of your bedroom. You will gain more storage space and will find your clothes more easily in the morning.

bedroom wardrobe

Separate your clothes between winter and summer

What do you do with your coats and jackets in spring? Do you store them in a box in the attic? Items such as thermals may still come in useful if it gets cold and it can be a good idea to keep them within reach. What about those summer dresses that you can’t wear after August? If your wardrobe is large enough, keep your summer clothes on one side and your winter clothes on the other. You could even go as far as organising the closet by seasons, starting from spring and ending with winter.

Choosing the right doors

Choosing mirrored doors can make the room look bigger and can also highlight certain objects, shelves or pictures on the opposite wall that you want to show off. Some wardrobe doors don’t include full mirrors but only mirrored sections. Full mirrors may show off too much clutter in the room whereas smaller sections can be more manageable.

You can integrate the perfect lighting

Lights on top of shelves are very flattering. By integrating lighting into a wardrobe, for example by adding pretty bookshelves on the sides or in the middle, you can achieve the same effect. Spotlights are great for this purpose.

You can also use LED strips to decorate your wardrobe and install lights on the ceiling that create a nice atmosphere in the room.

The lighting can also be used to complement and enhance the room. You can create mood lighting for a relaxing feeling in the evening. You can also enhance the lighting during Winter when the natural light won’t be as powerful.

This can help to set you up with the right vibe for the day and make sure you don’t look like you’re getting dressed in the dark.

More storage space

By designing every shelf and every drawer in your closet to fit your clothes, you will be so organised, you may never need to reorganise your wardrobe again. Create the perfect space for each item and add your favourite materials and designs to match your room. If you prefer, you could include trouser racks or space for your jewellery.

fitted wardrobe

A fitted wardrobe will not only look great and be easier to organise, but it will likely last for a long time. The quality is often much better than that of ordinary wardrobes.

Plus, the design is up to you. If you would like to design a walk-in closet, you can create it just the way you had always dreamed of. Designing your own wardrobe can be a very creative and fun way to redecorate and organise.