The best bathroom renovations on Instagram right now, rated by experts

Before and after photos handpicked by Mira Showers shows incredible bathroom transformations

There is little else in the world of design and interiors that’s as satisfying to look at as a transformational renovation.

Enlisting the help of industry experts including TV Interior Designer, Linda Barker, Mira Showers has selected eleven of the best before and after bathroom photos on Instagram, displaying them in a series interactive image sliders on their website.

Here is the best of them, with critique from four experts in property and design, plus anecdotes from the homeowners behind some of the renovations.


This bathroom was lacking in natural light before an impressive skylight was installed above the bathtub.

Steph Briggs, Interior Designer and co-founder of La Di Da Interiors, said: “Removing the dated arch and installing the skylight has totally transformed this room. Marble is a big trend this year and we will be seeing much more of it in homes. The use of the dark paint on the ceiling is an ingenious move that gives the feeling of space by making it feel further away. The darkness has been tied together throughout the scheme with the pipework, taps and mirror all echoing this aesthetic. The plants and textured basket paired with the bath mat also add an extra dimension.”

bathroom 2
This outdated pink and pine bathroom suite has been transformed into a Victorian-style sanctuary. Ailsa Burn-Murdoch is the homeowner behind this renovation in Kelso.

She and her husband tackled most of it themselves, including planning the overall design, sourcing materials, stripping down the “awful 80s puffy wallpaper” and removing all the old joinery to build a platform for the bath. The 38-year-old credits their DIY skills to the fact that she and her husband are “naturally handy.”

Ailsa said: “We’re not taught and we’re not professionals. We didn’t use instruction videos or articles, we just researched the products and used each other as a sounding board and learned on the job.” In total, the renovation cost around £2,250.

Stephen Pitcher, Head of Sales at We Buy Any House, said: “The pine and pink suite is very outdated, so this much more modern transformation is welcomed. The addition of the platform highlights the bath and makes it a standout feature of the room. The sink has also had a great upgrade, with the addition of the counter providing storage to keep the room organised. This lovely renovation could potentially increase the property’s value by 3%.”

bathroom 3

This bathroom’s layout had a complete overhaul. While the original shower enclosure was tucked away in the corner, the renovation involved sectioning off the room with a platform and shower screen to make the most of the space.

Linda Barker, TV Interior Designer, said: “We can often become fixated on keeping floor levels even during a re-fit, but this bathroom shows that even in a compact space, varying levels can work beautifully. A lovely detail is the single black tile riser which means you’ll never miss your step! This is a beautiful re-working of a tricky long, thin floorspace which can often lead decorators into space-saving compromises, but that’s definitely not the case here.

“A freestanding bath means it can be positioned neatly under the window, opening up the space for a generous shower area and large sink unit. Modern details like the cabinet pull and patterned tiles are lovely.”

bathroom 4

The abundance of magnolia and floral tiles in this old bathroom were keeping the space firmly in the past until @restorationcouple got their hands on it. The exposed stonework and oak beam above the window is sympathetic to the home’s character. Pairing these features with a new white suite helps to bring a modern feel to this bathroom.

Bristol-based interior designer, Beth Chippindall, said: “Clearly the old bathroom was determined to hide the lovely stone wall feature and traditional timber lintel of an old property. It’s lovely to see these on show now!

“The traditional radiator and vanity unit nod to the age of home this bathroom sits within, whilst the simple choice of white metro tiles leaves the room feeling clean and fresh.”

bathroom 5

In Somerset, Eleanor Whitlam’s bathroom renovation took nine months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “We work with an ace team of tradespeople who have renovated three properties with us over the years, and they’re great with letting us muck in. We ‘helped’ with the removal of toilets and showers – on one memorable occasion, our plumber who had COVID-19 used FaceTime from his quarantine to oversee us removing the toilet before the flooring fitters came!”

The sage green suite and a dusky rose carpet of the previous bathroom were very outdated, but it has since been dramatically transformed with the addition of a spectacular double shower. The whole renovation cost around £4,000, with design inspiration coming from Pinterest, Instagram and various interiors magazines.

Linda Barker said: “No matter how great a bathtub can look, if you’re not going to use it, then it’s time to ditch it! This is a lovely personal transformation that fits the needs of its owners, illustrating that it’s good to be absolutely truthful about how you use your space. This allows every centimetre of space to be tailored to your needs, such as this great vanity unit and generous basin.

“A shower niche can be tricky and expensive to do, so if you’re going to invest, then maybe do it in triplicate – in this case, plenty of products are usefully to hand without creating a cluttered look; it’s nice to light these niches too with energy-efficient LED strips.”

Stephen added: “A walk-in shower like that will absolutely increase property value, and the space has been used much more efficiently. Value could be improved by around 4%, though homes with both baths and showers tend to fetch the higher increases, and so while sacrificing the bath was the right move for this bathroom, it could limit the increase a little. The shelves built into the wall with that lighting is also a stunning feature. The new sink is also very eye-catching and clean, with handy storage underneath.”

bathroom 6

The injection of neutral colours and installing shelving have helped to transform this outdated, mustard-toned cloakroom.

Beth said: “In a bathroom or cloakroom, styling can be so important, and this is a lovely example. The all-white interior and sanitary ware is simple, while the warm tones of the raw timber shelves pick up the colours from the floor tiles. The black brassware adds a contemporary element with the plants and pictures adding interest to an otherwise plain and pared-back space.”

Matt Herbert-Sandell, Associate Channel Manager at Mira Showers, said: “Whether it’s a massive overhaul of a room layout, or simple yet effective design tweaks to freshen up a space, we love to see the creative solutions people think of when renovating their bathrooms. For anyone seeking inspiration for their own bathroom transformation, we’ve created a Help Me Choose tool on our website which helps to guide users through products best suited to their bathroom size and desired style.”

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