The only way is app – Five must-have mobile apps that are helping estate and letting agents

The only way is app - Five must-have mobile apps that are helping estate and letting agentsWhat is the difference between an online-only estate agent and a boutique-style property business that markets £1m-plus properties in the heart of London? The human touch.

Every successful estate agency business works hard to learn more about their clients’ requirements so its sales professionals can use their knowledge to promote the right property to the right purchaser or tenant. And this is where mobile technology can help…

Debate about which mobile app is most useful for estate agents continues. We acknowledge that World of Goo might provide hours of entertainment away from the workplace, but here are five apps that can save an estate agent time and money.

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Of all the many thousands of business apps available, we reckon the Real Estate version of DocuSign saves estate agents the most time. This ultra-useful download helps property industry professionals obtain the signatures needed to close deals faster.

DocuSign allows an estate agent to obtain a digital signature on a legal document and email it back to the office immediately. Not only that, the Real Estate version allows users to capture the GPS location at the time of signing.

Available on both Apple and Android, the basic version is free but the cost of signing up to the Real Estate account is worth every penny.

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RoomScan Pro - The app that draws floor plans by itselfRoomScan Pro ScreenshotRoomscan Pro

When it comes to giving an immediate valuation of a property based on the values per square foot or metre homes in any given area are worth, this app is close to unbeatable.

It may not be accurate down to the last millimetre, but RoomScan does create a better sketch than using pen and paper. Only available as an Apple download, it works by holding an iPhone to each wall and letting it take the measurements.

RoomScan then draws a rudimentary floorplan in either metres or feet that can be emailed back to the office immediately. But the best bit is measurements can be edited manually after.

The basic version of the app is available free of charge for Apple devices, and the Pro version – which allows you to measure doors and windows – is just £2.99.

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Photo-MeasuresPhoto-Measures---ScreenshotPhoto Measures

One of the most common questions viewers have are about the size of windows and other features in a property. This app is an estate agent’s best friend because it allows users to take a photo of any item in a property, zoom in or out for greater detail, input the measurements (and any explanatory notes) and email the info to the client immediately.

This tool is free to download on both Apple and Android devices and can be a great help when building trust with potential tenants and purchasers.

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While Garton Jones has an in-depth knowledge of Westminster and the other areas of central London we cover, our clients can ask us some surprising questions about the areas they have chosen to buy or rent in.

This app puts all the information anyone could ever need about their local surroundings in the palm of their hand – including where the nearest petrol station, takeaway, ATM, hospital, doctor’s surgery and supermarket is. AroundMe also gives an area overview and has listings and reviews of restaurants and hotels.

How much? This free app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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LettingCheckLettingCheck---ScreenshotLetting Check

When it comes to creating inventories for properties, this tool can save a valuable amount of time without sacrificing the accuracy that is needed to create a document that will stand up under a legal challenge.

It not only allows users to create a complete database of any property’s fixtures and fittings on a mobile device, this easy-to-use app adds photographic evidence and creates branded documents that can be emailed immediately.

The added benefit is the reports are easily edited and are stored securely.

It is free to download for both Apple and Android devices, but costs from £9.99 per month for the full package.




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Kieran set up estate agent Garton Jones’ second London office in Westminster in partnership with husband and wife team Charlie and Miranda Garton Jones in 2006. The first office being at Chelsea Bridge Wharf, located next door to Battersea Power Station, which opened on 2003. Kieran took full control of Westminster in 2010 having built up the success of the Garton Jones brand in the area and expanded with his second office (the company’s fourth) on Albert Embankment in Nine Elms in May 2014. Kieran has an enormous amount of experience as a central London estate agent which has been built up from running one of the city's most proactive, forward-thinking and influential independent companies as well as putting his own money where his mouth is by investing in the very same developments he advises his clients on. There are continued plans to expand the Garton Jones brand as well as further investment in London's ever popular property market.