How To Create The Perfect Bathroom For A Rental Property

If you are letting a property or thinking about doing so, the bathroom can make or break the decision for many potential renters. Bathroom Planet has listed their top tips that can be implemented quickly. They create an effective rental bathroom for renters and owners alike.

The attention required by landlords to keep their property leased out and compete in the market can be a challenge. If you have a property in an attractive area the quality of your bathroom could tip the scales. Especially if you have a very luxurious space that can offer a spa-like experience.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to create a modern and attractive bathroom. Something you’ll be very pleased to hear seeing the never-ending to-do list you need to work through to make your property ready to go.

Here are our top tips on creating an attractive space in your bathroom.

new bathroom

Consider Who Your Target Tennant Is

What the ideal bathroom looks like will vary greatly. If you are looking to lease a home to a family you will need at least one bathroom, that is equipped with a bath. This will make bathing small children simple and straightforward.

If you are only leasing a small flat only having a shower enclosure is perfectly fine. There is no shortage of options available including sliding, bi-fold, pivot, quadrant, or walk-in showering spaces. Really limited by space? Look at quadrant enclosures. As they fit into a corner and have the doors opening into the enclosure they maximise the available space for other elements of your bathroom.

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Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Coat Of Paint

This next idea is quick and cheap making it a fast and easy way to give your bathroom a renewed, modern appeal. Going for a timeless white will make the most sense here. The last thing you will want is to impart your own personal style to a space. Try to stay as neutral as possible. Let people visualise what the space could be.

Another advantage of staying with white paint is that it can make the room appear larger than it is. A great benefit for rooms which are already a little on the small side.


Design Your Bathroom To Stand The Test of Time

Just as you should paint your bathroom to appear as neutral and timeless as possible you should also think the same way about your fixtures. This one only really applies if you intend to do a full redesign or partial. If you are you should look to create a cohesive feel across your bathroom.

Checking out Pinterest for interior design inspiration can be an excellent starting point for this one. But generally speaking, if you are going for a contemporary feel stick with smooth straight lines and a simple colour scheme that all ties together. Nothing too adventurous. You want it to appeal to as many people as possible.

This doesn’t mean that you can only go for modern decor when styling your bathroom. Traditionally styled bathrooms can also look very attractive. Many premium brands have collections dedicated to styles of years gone by such as the Washington range from RAK Ceramics, Vitra’s Valatre line, or Ideal Standard’s Waverly. It’s safe to say there really is no shortage of options to choose from here. And classically influenced bathrooms are not going anywhere.

It is all about having each element working together, you would not want to have a mix of modern and classic parts in your bathroom. Pick one and stick with it.


Upgrade Your Bathroom Storage

Storage space in a bathroom is always a sought after commodity in any bathroom. Especially in a busy household where there might not be enough for everyone to have their own dedicated area.

By creating a clever setup of your storage through vanity units, wall hung units, cupboards, mirrors with storage, or even just smaller additions such as tumblers or wire baskets.

No matter what size of space you are dealing with you’ll have no trouble finding a solution to your storage needs. From corner vanity units for small bathrooms to large 1200mm vanity units that offer space for the whole family.

Like other elements of your bathroom, you’ll want to use plain fittings for your bathroom to keep it as neutral as possible.

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Think About Maintenace Ahead Of Time

Accidents happen and when they do you will need to move quickly to get repairs done. Especially in a bathroom where water is involved. But how can you make your bathroom simple to solve problems in?

First up, let’s talk about the toilet. For easy upkeep look at close-coupled models. This style of toilet has all parts exposed in the room. It means that if the worst happens a plumber will not have to go behind your wall to repair your toilet.

The other two options are back to wall or wall-hung toilets. Both of these options have the cistern behind the wall. Making for more difficult maintenance if it has been tiled over. You could have an access panel built-in while it is being installed but it’s quite likely this won’t be there in an existing bathroom.

There are ways to install this style of toilet though and keep maintenance in mind. Have your cistern housed in a bulkhead. This is basically a box that sits in front of your wall that will be a home for your cistern making access simple and straightforward if ever required.

You should also consider the same thing when it comes to your basins brassware. Although wall-mounted solutions can bring an attractive appeal they do have the same consideration. Look at deck-mounted basin taps for simple and easy access.

This also applied to shower valves. Look at exposed shower valves over concealed shower valves. Exposed valves have all of the working elements on the outside too. Check out slide rail kits for an all-in-one solution.

As you can see there are many ways you can keep your bathroom easy to maintain cutting down on expenses if anything were to go wrong.