The Soho Revival: Is Living in Soho the Right Choice for You?

Soho has completely transformed over the last few decades. Previously a run-down neighbourhood, the area’s slowly transformed into a thriving hub of creative industries, booming with prestigious restaurants and boutiques.

West End estate agent recalls first-hand: “Since we began selling and letting property around Soho in the mid-to-late eighties, the edgy ‘Sohemian’ atmosphere and rougher sides to the area have changed considerably,” he says.

While there are many rundown streets and houses, Soho has developed into a popular commercial and residential marketplace, boasting a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Quo Vadis, Arbutus, and the Soho Hotel – havens for creative-minded people who relish the unique characteristics of a once rundown façade.

Within Soho three distinctive sub-sectors have been established: Broadwick, Lexington and Carnaby Streets are residential areas that include a number of hip and modern office spaces throughout. Old Compton Street, Brewer Street and Shaftesbury Avenue are generally summed up as being some of the busier areas, filled with late-night energy and liveliness. And for a taste of some of Soho’s finest culinary offerings, look no further than Greek Street, alongside the popular quarters of Frith and Dean Street!

That being said, Soho’s not the most affordable place to live in. Rent for one or two bedroom flats can start from £374 and go all the way up to £600 per week, while purchasing prices can range from £550,000 to £775,000. LDG is currently advertising a 602 square foot one bedroom flat located on Brewer Street for £675,000! But this property’s somewhat unique – it was previously owned by renowned photographer Corinne Day, who used the living room space as a backdrop to many high profile fashion shoots.

As Soho’s in zone one, buyers view this are as safe to invest in and per square foot Soho is half the price of neighbouring Mayfair. It’s also a place where out-of-town buyers could feel at home, thanks to the green areas of Golden and Soho Square, which local workers use to relax in – particularly if it’s sunny.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an exciting, fast-paced place to live, Soho could be an option as it steadily takes shape as the area of choice for young, up-and-coming creative businesses and artists.