Things Northerners Should Consider When Relocating to London

Every year, students, young professionals and career-driven individuals make the move from the north to the south. Spurred on by the idea of city-life in the big smoke, London brings in northerners in their thousands.

Depending on where in the north you’re from, travelling to London may only take a few hours. Yet despite this short distance, relocating from the north to the south can be a bit of a culture shock.

To help you decide if the move is right for you, here are some things that all northerners should consider before packing up for London.

Rent Costs More

It’s no secret that rent prices are high in London. In fact, London has been crowned as the most expensive European city for rent for the third year in a row! Rent here also costs four times more than other big British cities.

More Career Choices

Although rent may be higher, London has a major perk that can help to offset this: better job prospects. As well as a wider range of jobs and career choices, London wages are better than the north. While the average Brit earns £27,700, it’s nearer the £40,000 mark in London.

You Will Have Housemates

For some, this is a positive and for others, it’s a drawback. But, because rents are expensive in London, most people can’t afford to live alone. This means that unless you’re moving with a friend or partner, you will probably have to move into a house share.

Meet Interesting People

However, on the flip side, London is most of the biggest, most culturally diverse cities in the world. This means that London is home to a lot of interesting people and living in a house share provides the opportunity to meet more of them.

Transport is Expensive

Prepare for another shocker. Last year, London’s public transport was deemed to be the most expensive in the world. In 2017, a month travelcard in London cost £135, making it pricier than Auckland (£95) and New York (£91).

New Things to See

But, after work and on your days off, you can use your monthly travelcard to explore London’s endless sights. Hop on the Tube to the V&A, to see a show, or to visit one of London’s more unusual attractions.

Pints are Pricey

If you enjoy a night out, then it will come as no surprise that your money won’t go as far in the UK’s capital city as it would up north. In fact, one pub, The Rake, hit headlines last year for selling pints costing £13.40.

Everything’s Open Late

Fortunately, if you decide you want a night in, then there’s always somewhere open. Whether you need another bottle of wine, have a random chocolate craving at 3am, or simply run out of the essentials, you can always find a shop in London.

Relocating to London can be a challenge but it can also be an exciting adventure. Just remember to budget your money to make sure you can have a good time.

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