Think Outside the Box: Relocating

Not so long ago the notion of moving to another state, let alone continent, was dreadful and frightening. Today, thanks to the technological boom and ever-evolving communications, the distance might not seem so far away. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are things to consider which may cause a headache or two when the time comes. Several things can be done beforehand in order to make the change more comfortable and easier, although personal issues are something each individual has to take care of on their own.

From logistics to adapting to new surroundings, moving is not only stressful but requires some organisation and preparation, as well as staying on your toes and taking into consideration some unpredicted circumstances. So here are a few things which might help you with moving to another continent, whether when it comes to packing or saying goodbye to your loved ones.

Stay calm and organise

First and foremost – don’t panic. It is a big step you’re about to take, and it can be overwhelming, but it’s not an issue to fret about. When this kind of news comes, whether expected or not, it’s hard not to feel scared and excited at the same time. This can cloud your judgement and make you come to a hasty decision which can only create confusion and complications. So, before doing anything when you find out you’re moving to another continent, sit down and take a few deep breaths.

There are several things you should start taking care of the moment the news settles in. First you have to organise yourself. This is actually the most complicated of all the things you’ll have to do, but once you finish it you’ll have an action plan and what lies ahead will become clearer. This stage should include everything, from what to take with you to where to have the first lunch in the new town. It may seem far-fetched, but it’s beneficial not only for your mind, but also for your wallet and time.

When doing this, try to include as many people dear to you as you can. This can be a sort of beginning of the farewell for you all. By including them early on, the separation will be accepted and processed timely and without too much drama. Although, people tend to console themselves with the saying that if matters are ripped off like a band-aid, then they won’t hurt as much, but actually there is no universal solution for everything. In this case, by doing something together with the people you love will help all of you accept the parting.  

Pack, stay, give, sell or throw away

The moment you start taking account of all your belongings, you don’t even consider that some of them aren’t going with you. And that’s okay if after a while you start separating what goes and what you’re going to get rid of one way or another. Depending on the continent, and on the new place you are going to live in, some of your things will have to go to a new home. But you should also decide to buy some new things for your future home. This will help you accept the new beginning and start over fresh.

A sound piece of advice is to compare the sizes of your old and new apartments. Also, check the transport fees and rules, since that is pretty much one of the most contributing factors in whether you’ll be taking your stuff with you or not. When you make the decision and conclude what goes and what stays, buy post-it papers in five colours and write down on each: pack, stay, give, sell or throw away. These will come in handy when you start separating everything you own. Just to be clear, this applies to everything you own, even clothes and that garden gnome.

The positive outcome from doing all this is that you won’t take with you more than you need and clutter your new place with the things you don’t really need. Also, if you organise a yard sale or online auction, you can earn money to buy new items, like big stuff such as furniture and technical appliances. If there are items dear to you, you can give them away or keep them in a secure lock up storage. And finally, don’t be afraid or conflicted to throw away things that are obsolete, they are useless after all.

Saying goodbyes and hellos

Probably the hardest part of any moving, no matter where you are going, is to say goodbye not only to your loved ones but also to your old life. It’s like you’re leaving behind a part of yourself and closing a chapter in your life. This was somewhat true in the past, but today it has never been easier to keep the old life and build a new one, all thanks to the modern wonders of communication media and technological advancements.

Really, you can be thousands of kilometres away and still stay as close as being in the next house with the people you’ve bid farewell to. But that’s not all. Travelling to another country is not a privilege anymore, at least not to most, and you can see your family or friends more often than it was possible before. But technology is not only good for taking care of heartache, it’s also perfect for welcoming new people and settling in.

Before arriving at your new place, you can research online the coffee shops, restaurants, museums and all the fun activities where you can mingle with other people. If you’re shy, then you can start by asking your co-workers out for a drink, or classmates if you’re a student. This is a good start to meet new people and get to know the place you’ve moved to. A new life doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your old one, but a big hello to the coming adventure.

In the end

The hardest thing in the world is being comfortable in your own skin, and that’s something that all people of the modern world have in common. But, starting over by feeling welcome in your own life is as good a start as any to accept the new situations and people that might come your way. No matter how far you go, there’s one thing you could never lose in the process – you.