Stylish & Sustainable: 7 Timeless Ways to Decorate Your Home

A lot of us are beginning to look for ways that we can become more eco-friendly in our everyday life. So when it comes to decorating your home, making sustainable choices is important, without compromising on style.

Stylish decorating tips

Interior experts from Stelrad have looked at different ways to style your home in a timeless manner so that you can choose a more sustainable but stylish way to decorate your home so that it is always in style.

Less is More

One thing is for sure, clutter has always been a bad look, no matter the decade! Timeless spaces tend to have a pulled-together, clean, clutter-free look to them. Keep your decor simple and streamlined, and resist the urge to fill up every blank space or empty corner. To create this less is more look, try focussing on functionality rather than trying to enhance every space available — you can achieve this by asking yourself if you really need certain items of furniture and decor. As a general rule, if they don’t serve a purpose, you should think about whether they’re really necessary.

Buy furniture with clean lines

Furniture with clean, simple lines has always been popular, and for good reason! It has an understated, sophisticated look that tends to work with most design styles. The style allows you to create a sleek look, that is modern and contemporary. Adding a simple piece with clean lines means that you can add a modern feel to any room with ease, Minimalist designs never age. Furniture doesn’t have to be elaborate — understated pieces really can bring a room to life. These simple but effective pieces of furniture bring a fresh feel to any room seamlessly, as well as adding a feeling of elegance to your home. . You could also consider adding an antique fireplace like the one seen in Nostalgia UK to add more style to your room.

Use Traditional Patterns

Using classic patterns, such as stripes, damasks, plaids, and florals, can create a timeless feeling in your room. These patterns are always fashionable and can be a great addition to any space. Stripes can be used to bring structure and elegance, or if you’re looking for something a little more classic, you could opt for a subtle damask pattern for a dash of luxury and opulence. And when it comes to florals, they’re always in style! Choose from more subtle designs, or choose a bright and blooming pattern to add some colour and texture to your home.

Some colours never go out of style

The colours you choose for a room help to set the mood, and neutral tones tend to be the foundation in many of our homes. You can achieve a classic style when decorating by including neutral hues like blacks, creams, beiges, navy blue, and darker shades of green. These colours just never seem to go out of style and are very safe choices when creating a timeless look. Navy blue and black also happen to be very trendy colours in the design world these days, so it’s a win-win. You can still make a space pop by choosing colours that will stand the test of time and won’t clash even if you decide to change the decor.

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Blend Old and New

A great tip when it comes to achieving a timeless look when decorating is to style old pieces with new pieces. Blending the two means that the design you choose will span multiple decades and can’t be pinpointed to just one period. Even antiques become timeless when they don’t look out of place in a modern setting. By mixing vintage with modern, it gives the illusion of your room evolving over many years and mixing up to date decor with inherited pieces that may have sentimental value make our homes unique. You may even want to create your own shelves, using supplies from MDF Direct, to show off some of these pieces.

Embrace Built-Ins

Built-ins have been a highly desirable feature in homes for decades. Built-in bookcases around the fireplace, to library shelves in the office, to mudrooms and window seats…you just cannot go wrong with built-ins for a timeless and enduring look. Not only do these built-in features bring a traditional, yet luxurious element to the room, they are also highly practical. Gone are the days of stacking books on a table or taking up valuable wall space with a floating shelf. These built-ins are advantageous when it comes to saving space, as well as adding character — they are truly timeless features.

Crown Moulding & Traditional Detailing

Carved and crown moulding are ornate features that can often be found in traditional-style homes and are used as decorative detailing for interiors, such as doors, windows, and walls. Some of these mouldings are more elaborate than others but either way, they help to give a home a classic, timeless feel whilst adding a bit of character too. Many newly-built homes have the same modern features, and lack architectural details of older homes, especially when it comes to trim and millwork. If you’re looking to add a classic feature to your home, adding crown moulding is a great place to start, it boasts elegance, as well as class.