Tips for Creating a Room Your Kids Will Grow Into and Love

Are you already dreading next year’s renovation of your kid’s bedroom? Listen, kids change their minds all the time, so if they want pink walls today, next year, they will want peach or lavender. And bedroom renovations are not just expensive, but also time-consuming and bad for the health and environment (off-gassing, anyone?) So, it’s best to take your time designing a bedroom for your kids that will stay timeless and comfortable for years to come.


Go neutral with paint

One thing you can do to prevent constant wall repainting is to go neutral. Neutral shades will always stay popular and will be a perfect backdrop for your kids’ ever-changing tastes. Bright white is probably the best option and it will make all their accessories and art pop. Greige, gray and cream also work very well, and your kids will love them even in their late teens.


Choose timeless furniture

If you’re splurging money on furniture, make sure to choose something that will last a long time and grow with your kids. Timeless wrought-iron beds look attractive, can easily be dressed up or dressed down and adorned with different accessories. And once your kid moves, this piece of furniture can even follow them into their first apartment!


Pick the right rugs

Rugs come in all shapes, colors and patterns imaginable, so it can be hard to resist getting a cute teddy bear or pink Barbie rug. However, if your kid is interested in these themes, they can easily be introduced with decorative pillows, art and toys. Instead, stick to a classic rug with simple stripes, geometric details or tribal patterns. These look cute both when your kids are young and after they grow up, plus decorating around them is super easy.


Fill it with storage for toys

Kids love to possess things, especially toys, and they tend to be so proud of them that they want to have them displayed all over their room. In that case, choose timeless and practical built-in bookcase storage. These are perfect for cute toys for five-year-olds, but can also house books, photos, travel souvenirs and many other things your kid will accumulate over time. When choosing toys, make sure to opt for something attractive and durable your kid can use for a long time and keep as mementoes when they grow up.


Add personality with accessories

Just because you chose neutral walls and adult furniture, it doesn’t mean your kids’ rooms need to be boring. You can easily add interest with little pops of color and personality, but make sure to choose something that’s cheap and easy to swap out on regular bases.


Set up learning space early

Your kid might not have the need for a desk or a reading lamp, but if you want to create a space that will grow with them, expect plenty of homework in the future. Good study space with a sturdy desk and plenty of lighting will encourage your kid to read, draw and explore different topics and finally tackle academic responsibilities without any major changes to the room.


Keep kids involved

Kids love to have control over their space, but you need to set some boundaries. Remind them that their room is indeed their space, but it’s also a part of your shared house, so it needs to fit in. If you want to give them the freedom to choose various items, let them decide between two good choices: white or gray walls and stripes or dots on rugs.

Once you’re finished with your kids’ rooms, you will provide them with a space that’s comfortable, cute and easy to modify and spice up according to their needs. And forget about yearly remodels that will cost you a fortune—take your family on a vacation instead!