4 Tips to Have Perfect Lighting in Your Bedroom

The lighting in your bedroom will affect how your bedroom looks, how comfortable is your sleep, your general mood, and how comfortable is your light late-night bedroom reading.

It is essential to ensure you’re getting the lighting in your bedroom right – to that end, we’ve compiled a few vital tips to help homeowners avoid the most common mistakes and get into the right mindset when designing the bedroom lights.

#1 Pay Attention to How You Spend Your Time in Your Bedroom

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How do you spend your time in your bedroom?

Some like to read a few pages of a book before going to sleep, some have their PC setup in their bedroom and spend a significant part of their day there, others only go to their bedroom when they need to sleep.

Which accessories and decorations you’ll use to adorn your home (https://formadore.co.uk/home-decor-accessories) and the type of lighting you use should reflect how you use your bedroom.

You need reading lights if you really prefer to read in bed, you need desk lamps if you enjoy spending too much time on your computer desk, and so on!

This way, you’ll be able to make your bedroom comfortable with your regular activities.

#2 Get Lights with Intensity Control


Lights with intensity control are very versatile and can be appropriated for many use cases, and if you have the option between standard lights and lights that come with intensity control, you should almost always get the latter.

Thankfully, due to advances in science and the manufacturing processes, inexpensive LED lights with intensity control is easily available.

These LED lights don’t only allow you to control the intensity of the lighting, but they also consume less energy and last longer – helping you save money both on electricity consumption and replacements.

#3 The Shape and the Design of the Lamps Matter


The intensity, the colour, and the number of lights aren’t the only thing that matters, but their design, their shape, and their placement also influence how your room is lit up and how it looks.

It is important to realize to make these properties part of your decision-making process, ultimately.

Especially certain unique setups using different and rare shapes of lighting sources can completely transform how your bedroom looks and make it appear really unique and special. Think about ways you can make your bedroom unique using lighting sources, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll come up with!

#4 Getting the Right Ambiance

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How do you feel when you step into your bedroom? How does your bedroom usually make you feel? How does your significant other feel about it?

The ambience of the room is important if you want to design a bedroom that’s truly perfect, and lighting contributes significantly to the ambience of your bedroom.

The places you choose to install the lights in, the colour of each light, how they reflect off the furniture, etc. all that gives your bedroom the ambience it has.

If you want a cosy bedroom that feels homely, you should install lights with warm orange colours, for example. If you wanted a more relaxing bedroom, light blue lights go a long way.