Tips To Elevate Your Dining Room Decor

The dining room is one of the most important and versatile rooms in your house. From weeknight family mealtimes to dinner parties, and possibly a temporary home office as well over the last year, it can have a range of uses. So it’s important that your dining room is looking its best, especially as lockdown eases and you can finally host dinners for friends and family again.

We take a look at some key tips to elevate your dining room decor.


Add more lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to how a room feels so updating your light fittings should be a key part of your dining room update. Overhead lighting is a good way to make the whole room brighter and more inviting.

You could opt for a big statement lampshade or even a chandelier for a luxurious look. Or choose bare bulbs for a more industrial style — take a look at somewhere like Ocean Lighting for some inspiration. Adding a dimmer switch for your overhead lighting can also help you to create the perfect atmosphere in your dining room. Have the lights lower with candles for a party or keep the room bright when you’re having a family meal.


Use a rug to bring the space together

Adding a rug into your dining room is a great way to define the area, especially if it’s part of an open-plan space.

Choose a rug that’s a bit bigger than the dining table so that it can have the table and chairs sitting on top of it, and draws attention to the focus of the room. If the rest of the room is fairly plain then you could go for a bold geometric pattern to add a bit of modern style. Otherwise, opt for an area rug in a colour that contrasts with the rest of the flooring so that it stands out.

dining room furniture

Update your dining room furniture

The best way to elevate your dining room decor is to invest in new dining room furniture. Opt for a dining table and set of chairs that match the room’s decor and create a focal point for your dining area.

Take a look at somewhere like FurnitureBox for stylish and modern dining room furniture. If you’ve got a smaller dining room then pick light coloured furniture, or even a glass table so that it helps the room seem more spacious and brighter. In a bigger space, darker furniture can make more of an impact and fill the room better.

If you don’t want your dining room to feel too formal, then pick out mismatched furniture to create a more laid back atmosphere. You could pick out a set of dining chairs that are all completely different, or opt for the same ones in different colours.

diningroom table decor

Table decorations

Set your dining table up with some decorations to add the finishing touch to elevate your dining room. A patterned tablecloth is perfect for adding a colour accent to a plain table. Consider bright florals or a spotted print depending on your style, patterned tablecloths are also a good way to hide any spills or stains.

If your dining table is a key feature then just add a simple table runner across to elevate it.

Add matching place settings and coordinated cutlery as well. A vase with flowers for your centrepiece or candlesticks can bring the table together and make it more eye-catching, especially when you’re hosting a dinner party.

Refresh your walls

Elevate your dining room by transforming the walls with a fresh coat of paint or some statement artwork. Choose a bold colour for a feature wall that brings the room’s decor together. Deep green or blue can be a good choice for your dining room if you want it to make an impact and contrasts well with gold or silver finishing touches.

Otherwise, choose some large prints that fill one of the walls alongside your dining table. They’ll provide another focal point and add some of your own personality to the space.

If you’ve got a dark dining room then create a feature wall out of mirrors instead. Find a variety of mirrors in different sizes and shapes and put them up on one wall or around a corner. They’ll look decorative and bounce more light around to make the room brighter.

Whether you use your dining room every night or it’s only for special occasions and dinner parties, these are a few of the best ways you can give it a simple update and elevate your decor.