Top 5 Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Interior design is always a hot topic and while there are a lot of people who change their home’s layout once every several years, the truth is that there are new trends emerging every year. Now, saying that some of these trends are new may be a bit misleading, seeing as how some of them are re-emerging, while others are reaching their peak (since they have been on an upward spiral for a while now). Nonetheless, here are several interior design trends that are bound to dominate throughout 2019.


1. Outdoor furniture indoors

One of the most curious interior design trends at the moment is the use of outdoor furniture indoors so that you can create that unique rustic look inside of your home. After all, hasn’t wicker been used in indoor décor for a while now? Furthermore, when the concept of shabby chic reached its peak, the line between indoor and outdoor décor became even blurrier. What you also need to bear in mind here is the fact that hardwood floor, outdoor carpets and fresh flowers complete this mix amazingly well.


2. Floral patterns

Not being in touch with nature is something that plagues a modern person the most, which is why they try to make up for it by visually establishing this contact. How? Well, by creating their own indoor oasis. To get there, you might need to opt for a certain floral pattern. The easiest way to get there is to decorate your home with floral wallpaper. The thing about wallpaper is the fact that it’s quite simple to install and it gives your walls more resilience than standard paint. Keep in mind, however, that your cushioning and the rest of your accessories may be of use here, as well.


3. Clever use of rugs

One of the best things about the use of rugs is the fact that it’s both a visual and aesthetic addition to your home. First of all, a rug keeps the place warmer, which is particularly important for families with children who prefer to spend their time in the living room on the floor. Another great thing about rugs is the fact that they make the place quieter by muffling the noise of foot traffic. For upstairs rooms such as bedrooms, this can be a true saving grace. The same thing goes for hallways where runner rugs can be particularly useful. When it comes to the choice of the pattern and material, shopping from online platforms such as Miss Amara can be quite handy, seeing as how it gives you a wider selection of choice.

Top 5 Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019

4. Calming colours

When it comes to the choice of palette, you need to turn your home into a place of rest and relaxation, which is why you need to go with calming colours. Sure, a lot of people work from home and you may want to turn your home in a productivity haven, however, it’s best to confine these professional ambitions to a single area of your home. This is also why we advise against dual-purpose rooms such as bedroom-offices or closet-offices. Ideally, your home should be a warm, cozy place with a palette to match. If one room sticks out for practical reasons, then so be it.


5. A reading nook is a must

The last thing you want to do is make a reading nook somewhere in your living room. For this, you just need a corner of your home (preferably next to a window), a task light (ideally a floor lamp) and a suitable seating option. An armchair or even a seating floor cushion can do the trick. Keep in mind that, regardless of your ambitions, making a reading nook is never an expensive investment. In fact, chances are that you don’t even have to buy a single item. You can just move some furniture around in order to optimize this area to your own benefit.



As you can see, there are so many great ideas here that you can use in order to give your home facelift. Moreover, just because some of these trends are new, this doesn’t mean that they’ll become outdated in a matter of months or years. There are some trends that are evergreen and some investments that can easily be repurposed if there’s a need for such a thing.