Top 6 Outdoor Home Improvements for 2020

Home design trends shift too often that experts no longer discuss decades but rather seasons that last a single year. The year 2020 will see original outdoor home improvements that are both intended for relaxation and entertainment. In fact, here is a list of the top 6 such improvements that you can build on your property this year.

A kitchen outside the house

If you’re a fan of backyard parties, then you definitely need an outdoor kitchen. Building one is less complicated than you believe, as all you need is a water tap and a power source to connect the sink and the grill to.

After a while, the outdoor kitchen will become the hotspot of social activity since everyone will visit it to grab a bite to eat, party or no party. A kitchen out in the open allows you to stay outside as the host with your guests while the barbecue is being prepared.

What is more, a functional outdoor kitchen can significantly increase the market value of your home as this is among the top outdoor improvements prospective owners want to see. 

A mandatory water feature

Even in 2020, no backyard design will be complete without a water feature. If your pockets are deep enough, you could build an Olympic-sized swimming pool which will serve as the focal point of your entertainment area (and future poolside parties in the summer).

If this improvement is a bit too much in terms of money, be aware that there are other water features that will result in hours of fun. A splash pad would be especially interesting for children, both yours and the one in the neighborhood.

As far as ambient design is concerned, a nicely designed water fountain would be the perfect addition to the backyard. Like with the outdoor kitchen, all you really need is a water source, as these fountains can be bought ready-made at the local garden center.

Arranging a sitting area

An entertainment area inside your backyard is a great addition to this outdoor space but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to create a space for more relaxed activities. You’ll need a sitting area in order to eat meals outside, as well as take a nap now and then.

Keep in mind that garden furniture is different from the one you have inside the living room or the dining room in the sense that it’s exposed to the elements all the time. That’s why the garden set should be made from plastic or some other waterproof material, enabling it to remain outside during rain storms, the scorching sun, and the cold winter months.

In the end, you can add benches along pathways to increase the overall sitting area. The final touch would be the addition of cushions to the patio sofa that will beautify the leisure area when the weather is fine.

Building a tennis court

If you thought that our backyard swimming pool idea, then you might be tempted to immediately obviate the notion of building a backyard tennis court. However, once you break down this home improvement project, you realize that playing pro tennis on your property is neither complicated nor expensive.

Essentially, you need a flat area at least 30 meters long and 10 meters wide to house the court. Then decide on the surface of the court (we recommend grass), erect a high wire mesh fence, and install energy-efficient tennis court lighting to be able to play night matches. Once you’re done with drawing the lines, pick up a pair of racquets and you can start having fun.

Establish a network of pathways

As the number of outdoor improvements slowly increases so does the need to connect all the fixtures, like the vegetable garden, a hammock or the patio. In order to prolong the lifespan of your verdant lawn, you should establish a network of pathways that would crisscross the entire property.

There are several paving options, from bricks, across concrete slabs, all the way to gravel. The latter is by far the cheapest option but you’ll need to replenish the gravel every six months, as the rain and foot traffic slowly erode away the pebbles. If you’re a green thumb then the edges of pathways, especially the ones in front of the house, can be adorned with colorful flowers.

Building a DIY fire pit

When it comes to DIY backyard projects, none is more alluring than building a fire pit on your own. Building a fire pit is simpler than you think because you source rocks, stones, and boulders from the ground on your property; in other words; you pay zero dollars for the material. The only investment, besides firewood, is the one in warm blankets and marshmallows that will help you stay warm and full during all the chilly nights in 2020.

The third decade of the 21st century has many exterior design surprises install for homeowners so we can expect to see more trends apart from the 6 we have announced for this year.