Top 8 Tips To Better Property Security

  1. Quality Bolts And Locks – Review your existing property locks. All exterior windows and doors need good strong locks. Consider five-lever mortice or deadbolts on doors. If you have roller shutters, it is advisable to use a padlock to secure on top of any locking mechanism it may have. If your property has security gates, it is recommended to have a bolt at the top and the bottom of the gate. This will stop anyone leaning over and having access to your property. It is also advisable to change the locks when you purchase or lease a new property.
  2. Access Control – Access control is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your property but make sure you know exactly who has access and don’t leave codes next to the access control panel (it is amazing how many people leave passwords in plain view). If you have an employee database, make sure you deactivate any key passes or fobs for obvious security reasons. If your property has lots of visitors make sure key codes are changed frequently.
  3. Perimeter Weaknesses – Make sure there are no weak entry points to your premises i.e holes in your fence. There is no point in investing in automated gates and barriers, if anyone can just stroll in your premises. An intruder should need to break through several layers of security to enter your premises.
  4. Anti-Climb Measures – Craig from commercial gate said “Would be intruders are often creative in the ways they can enter your premises. An 8-foot fence is not a deterrent just because it is tall. Consider spikes or anti-climb paint and make sure to secure any access points to the roof of your property.”
  5. Lights – Burglars and Intruders are opportunists, so make sure you aren’t aiding them by having dark places they can hide or access your property from unnoticed. Floodlights are great as their height makes them difficult to tamper with. Motion detector lighting makes a great deterrent.
  6. CCTV – Closed Circuit Television has improved dramatically with technological advances. This can be viewed remotely via your internet connection and again can be a great deterrent. It is always advisable to have these serviced regularly and don’t invest in cheap units. Hiring a professional to install them be worth the cost in the security protection it gives you.
  7. Staff – Your staff can be your biggest security backup. Make sure they are trained to report any new faces on your property they aren’t sure about. Intruders very rarely strike on occupied premises. If staff shifts end early in the morning make sure they are accompanied to their vehicles, especially in carp parks at hotels and shopping centres.
  8. Security Automation – Security Automation is a great way to improve security whilst reducing the manpower to monitor it. Automated gates, barriers and bollards can help with traffic flow, whilst protecting your property from unauthorised access. Bollards can even be retracted when not in use to protect the aesthetics of your property.