The top highest rent district in London will shock you!

Investing in any kind of property can be a very lucrative decision, but you need to learn how to spot the best opportunities in order to obtain the best results. Today, we are going to give you the top five best investment opportunities of the week in London and how they could become your next property investment decision.


Highest median rent in London

Being able to find properties that can be rented for a high price is going to be essential if you want the best opportunities. London postcode W1K sits at the very top with a median rent of £9750, which is quite astronomical, but sitting alone at that range with no other area being close to it. The closest postcode is SW1X with a median rent of £5931 and SW1E with £5817. The gap is definitely quite big between the number one spot and the second spot.

The WC2R postcode goes for an average of £5707 and W1U sits at an average of £5625. It’s important to note that London sits at the top of the most expensive cities to rent a property in Europe. Moscow, Zurich, Geneva, Istanbul and Paris follow London as the most expensive locations.


The lowest median rents in London

Even the lowest median rents in London are quite high. The lowest sits at £978 in the E1W zip code. Then you have CR0 at £1162, RM9 at £1205 and SE25 at £1243. This is definitely showing that even the lowest rentals are going to be quite a good choice in most of London.


Top five investments in London

Here is a briefing of the top five London investment areas for this week in detail:

1-London – W1K – Rental: £9750.03

2-London – SW1X – rental: £5931.46

3-London – SW1E – Rental: £5817.69

4-London – WC2R – Rental: £5707.38

5-London – W1U – Rental: £5625.6


Fluctuating prices

While fluctuation is normal and to be expected, you can also expect those numbers to remain quite similar for a while. We do advice that you check numbers on a weekly basis. The top investments in North London this week might not be the top investments in 2 weeks. This is the reason why you have to learn how to look at the bigger picture and this allows you to make calculated predictions on what the future holds for any specific area.

The good news is that there are many available weekly reports that you can use for this purpose. You can find reports that give you live feeds of any price fluctuations that might take place in locations you like. Make this a weekly habit and you will start to get a better idea of the locations with the highest stability.


Final thoughts

Having a good eye for investments in very important. You are not only looking for the best opportunities to buy, but also for the ones that are going to continue to gain more value. Being able to avoid a bad purchase that seems good at first, but starts declining within months and even years is going to be essential if you want to make good long-term, investments.

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