Top Rental Features Tenants Want In 2016

Whether it’s a family of five or a couple of college students looking for a place to stay, the insight into their heart’s desires when renting a property can only come with a lot of time and effort. Maybe you don’t get along with your tenant for one reason or another. Perhaps they left because of X in the unit you provided or Y is too far away from the place. We’re here to provide some much needed guidance into the minds of the tenants and the features they expect when considering a rental in 2016. Here are some top tips to get you on your way; the rest will come naturally:

Top Rental Features Tenants Want In 2016Location, location, location – This is the first and foremost thing you should consider when putting your renting units out there. The people who will be most interested in them are the ones who benefit from the location. Is it close to the city mall? Expect families to ask around. Maybe it’s close to bars and shops? Don’t be surprised if college students or single folk come knocking. The psychology of a tenant is just as important as the business aspect.

Consider the storage space – We’re touching up on families again. What most units lack in today’s world is the one thing most families look for as a top priority? Re-evaluate your unit storage spaces and try putting yourself in your tenant’s shoes. Tenants more often than not bring their whole lives along with them when they move in, and they want to make sure everything fits in there.

Update the kitchen– Didn’t think of this one, did you? The kitchen is the epicenter of all human activity. It’s where we have our morning coffee, where we cook lunch and where we wash the dishes after dinner. Make sure your tenants have proper equipment when they come knocking. Check the sink, the pipes, the stove, the oven, anything that counts as kitchen apparatus and you have it in your unit. It’s important to make a good first impression and have the kitchen all clean and sparkly.

Look down – Really, do look down. Is your floor made of hardwood or covered in carpet? This one is tricky to change, but the fact is, hardwood is easier to clean and carries much less dust and dirt over time. If you have carpets, make sure they’re clean. It’s an obvious one, sure, but tenants are much more prone to hardwood because it’s simpler to maintain, so having a presentable alternative is always a plus.

The internet – Make sure your tenants have a ready and steady way to connect online when they move in. Whether it’s a central high-speed cable internet for all your units or a Wi-Fi connection for the building, it’s important to note we that we live in a digital world, and believe it or not, the internet is a make-or-break deal for many people.

Wide-open spaces – Modern tenants living a 21st century society prefer having more open rooms that serve multiple purposes and rather than having a living room separate from the kitchen, they prefer having both in one open space serving more than one function. Sounds silly, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Take a look at your floor plans. You could be in for some wall-knocking if you consider it possible to connect two rooms and give it a more modern and vibrant feel.

What about laundry? – Have you equipped all of your units with washing machines and/or dryers? If not, consider converting one of the more disconnected units into a washing area for all tenants to use. You’d be amazed at how grateful your tenants will be when they realize they don’t have to do their laundry two blocks away from their place.

Crown for the tenant –Crown molding is a bonus point when it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your rental units. It doesn’t cost much but goes a long way in showing how caring and hospitable you are as a landlord. Remember, you only get to leave the first impression once, so make it count.

Double-check all of the tips listed above and think about them for a moment. As you can see, what it comes down to is that trends and people’s mind-sets are changing rapidly. You, as someone who provides homes to your tenants and apartments in Turkey are in charge of making sure they are satisfied with what they get. Sometimes, just having Wi-Fi or that extra living room space is what get you a new tenant, so think about the details and try to put yourself in your tenants shoes. With some time, you’ll be a landlord to be admired.

Image credit: davidseibold