Trends For Blinds In 2020

Window blinds, we all love them, functional yet stylish and provides great shading. They’re a must-have for every home as they will keep your home insulated, stop light from leaking into your home and just are an all-around good addition to your property.

So today we’ve spoken to the team at DotcomBlinds to get their opinion on what the biggest trends for blinds will be in 2020.

blinds trends

Hi-Tech Blinds

Reading ‘Hi-Tech blinds’ may be a bit confusing, what makes a blind hi-tech? Well, thanks to modern technology electric and remote control blinds are now a common thing and incredibly easy to get a hold of. These blinds don’t need you to manually operate and work with the push of a button.

These electric blinds are controlled by a remote and act just like normal roller blinds, except the fact that rather than manually pulling the cord, you simply use the remote control that comes with the blinds, furthermore, you can also programme the blinds to be placed down to some set points for your blinds to sit,

Day And Night Blinds

Another great trend emerging in blinds this year is Day and Night blinds, these blinds are a bit like standard roller blinds, but with layers of opaque and see-through fabric, so sunlight can enter through the small see-through areas and not through the opaque layers.

Then for added utility, you can roll the fabric so that all the opaque sections of the blinds match up and effectively form a blackout blind and block out 100% of all incoming light, this type of blinds are therefore awesome as they can let in a nice amount of sun during the day and completely block out light during the night.

Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds

When you think of vertical blinds you probably get a mental image of dull boring blinds in an office, for a long time vertical blinds have simply been designed to drab office space, but recently vertical blinds have become more stylish and accessible for interior decoration.

The reason why vertical blinds are no longer relegated just to offices is that over the last few years they’ve become cheaper and the materials they’re made of has become higher quality, which has meant that consumers have started to pick up on these blinds and as more and more consumers hop on the vertical blinds wagon, the better the fabrics and designs become.