UK buy-to-let: an overview for landlords

The buy-to-let market is forever changing, typically for landlords. We have found this useful infographic which outlines the financial benefits for becoming a buy-to-let landlord. So after looking at these facts and figures, what do you think the future holds for BTL landlords?

UK Buy-to-let: An overview for Landlords
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The property industry has always, and continues to, interest me. Since joining Plaza Estates in 2008, I have learned a great deal about the market. My role involves advising clients on their purchases (together with our sales teams), managing refurbishments for them (together with our management and design team), preparing the property for rental (together with our rentals teams) or sale, and being responsible for the company’s digital marketing. Through all this, I have viewed the market from different angles. The market is always changing, and it is essential to adapt as it does so. This is something Plaza Estates has always done.