UK house price comparison

This Infographic brings you up to date house price data from Lloyds Banking Group PLC, so no matter what region you’re looking to buy you can find the price of what a standard house is currently selling for.

The decision on moving house to another region of the UK can never be made on house prices alone, there are numerous other considerations a buyer will have to mull over before committing to a purchase. Often these other considerations turn out to be factors which have themselves affected the house prices in that region. Common factors usually include the employment opportunities of the area, transport links and population density to name but a few.
Use this Infographic to grasp an idea as to the kinds of prices that you could expect to be paying for a house in different regions of the UK, with an even further breakdown of specific regions in England should you wish to investigate these.

This Infographic was created in association with National Furniture UK using data from Llloyds Banking Group PLC in an effort to help new buyers, many of whom also shop at National Furniture UK for affordable furniture.

UK House Price Comparison