How to upcycle and transform a room with #WayfairDIY

Introducing #WayfairDIY, the new series from online homeware retailers, Wayfair. Think interior hacks, upcycling and handy DIY segments, specifically designed to help you transform your home without the hefty costs.

Kicking off #WayfairDIY, the brand have collaborated with German DIY blogger, Luisa Ehlgötz aka @schereleimpapier to bring you their DIY room divider. Eco-friendly, super affordable and well, pretty chic, the room divider is a great way to add a stylish update to your bedroom or any other room, creating that small slice of heaven right at home.

A fun upcycling activity that all the family can enjoy, Wayfair have used a clothes rack from their own Wayfair Basics range for the divider, but if you’ve got an old clothes horse lying around that’ll work too. Together with some Viennese mesh, scissors and a bit of elbow grease, you can have your very own room divider in minutes. Use yours to add character to your bedroom, disguise anything you don’t like or even use as a mood board in the kid’s room, so they can hang and pin up their favourite pictures and designs. Just follow the #WayfairDIY steps here.

And that’s not all you can do to spruce up your interior. Wayfair’s cheap yet cheerful tips to transforming your home include:

– Invest in jars, jars and more jars. Storing your pasta, cereal and home baking ingredients in cute jars is not only a super Scandi way to update your kitchen storage but also environmentally friendly. Displaying everything from sugar to flour, by replacing and recycling your food packaging you not only help the planet but can keep an eye on what you’re running low on and what you really need.

– Frame your works of art. Get creative with the kids (or just yourself) and hang your paintings, drawings, quotes or whatever you like onto a feature wall. Go wild with colourful frames and update an otherwise plain looking wall with something totally unique to you and your family.

– Refreshing your cushions and throws with new covers. Replacing your existing cushion covers with zip-up cases is a simple but highly effective way to inject bursts of colour or experiment with new prints and patterns. And why not try your hand at DIY decorating? Grab some fabric glue and add small details like gems or intricate shapes to instantly inject charm to your cushions, without the need to spend big.

– Create an indoor jungle. Incorporating houseplants can really help to liven up a room. Whether you’re a fan of the real deal or in favour of artificial plants, they’re rich green leaves and bright bloomage can turn a boring space into something more botanical.

– Give an old piece of furniture a lick of fresh paint. Before you throw that old chair or table in the skip, why not pick up a paintbrush and give it a new lease of life? Fall in love with your existing pieces all over again, without having to fork out for something new.

For more from the Do It Yourself series, visit or head to @wayfairuk and search for #WayfairDIY on Instagram.


Photo credit – Luisa Ehlgötz