How to Upgrade Electrical Wiring When Remodelling a Home

How to Upgrade Electrical Wiring When Remodelling a Home

During a home renovation project, it’s quite common to come across many snags and issues, the least favourite being electrical ones. This is why it’s clever to include upgrading your electrical wiring in the initial remodelling stages, even if they’re up to code and safe.

If there’s a slightest electrical issue that’s bothering you or your wiring is old and outdated, home renovation is a great opportunity to fix them as you’ll probably be opening up a few walls at some point, which will give you easy access. Here’s a list of typical electrical issues you should address while remodelling your home.

Power upgrade

An electrical service upgrade is frequently recommendable and necessary in order to increase the capacity of your present electrical system. With new, modern devices and appliances that we purchase for our homes, we often find ourselves in a situation where older electrical services, wiring and panels cannot support them and handle the higher power demand.

Older panels usually have limitations, are of poorer quality and lack available space for new circuits or they still use obsolete technology such as fuses, so replacing them while upgrading your entire electrical system will allow you to upgrade your home appliances and gadgets as well.

GFCI installation

GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is designed to turn off the electricity instantaneously in case any of the plugged-in appliances or devices come into contact with water or moisture. Having these safety devices in kitchens and bathrooms is a standard now, but if you live in an older home or apartment, you might not have it.

Installing a GFCI is an easy and simple task for an experienced professional, as this Sydney-based electrician, who can equip your home with one of these gadgets so you and your family can be safe. Hiring a highly-trained expert to complete this task for you, within your budget and with minimal inconvenience, will help your renovation project run smoothly and efficiently without costing you more money and nerves.


With our world today being infused with technology and all sorts of gadgets, you really can’t have too many outlets. As your family grows, so will your needs for electrical power. A home remodelling project will give you a perfect opportunity to incorporate additional outlets wherever you need them.

Usually, critical places are home offices with typical office equipment such as printers and computers, kids’ bedrooms with televisions and games consoles, kitchens with new appliances and even outdoor spaces that have now become essential entertainment areas.

A great indicator that you might be in need of additional outlets is if you’re using one too many power strips and extension cords. They are not only messy and really annoying when you have to unplug one gadget to plug in another one, but they are also potentially dangerous as they can malfunction, spark or melt if overloaded.

Even if you have plenty of outlets in every corner of every room, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you plug in a gadget or appliance and the next moment you find the plug on the floor. If this happens, you need to upgrade your outlets.

The reason that this happens is that the grip inside the outlet has worn out and loosened, so the plug keeps slipping out and falling on the floor. Unfortunately, this can also lead to more serious issues as it can be followed by a spark and then it becomes a fire hazard. To be on the safe side, have all your faulty outlets replaced immediately.

Make sure you tick these things off of your next home renovation project list and you’ll make your home safer, more functional and more practical than ever before!