Use hotel-style luxury to impress home buyers

AntaraPalaceInsideFirst impressions count, especially when you’re selling your home. We often complain that no matter how nice a luxury hotel is, it certainly isn’t home. It doesn’t have that cosy, lived-in vibe that viewers want to experience when entering your home.

You’ll never truly be able to evoke this emotion when marketing your property because you simply cannot make a house a home for someone you don’t even know. When they walk into a home, they imagine how they’d have it; with all of their own possessions and quirks.

Turning your home into a replica luxury hotel gives you the opportunity to excite their senses and provoke an even more attractive feeling. Instead of a synthetic ‘homely’ sense, those viewing the property will be struck by luxury and aspirational thoughts. They will instantly become more interested in the property, even if it isn’t exactly how they’d have it themselves.

How to achieve the look

  • Don’t go overboard with colours. Stick to neutral tones with metallic accents to give a subtle glamorous charm. You really don’t need to use much colour as less is more in the luxury hotel industry.
  • Co-ordinate your soft furnishings with the walls to keep a running theme throughout. This helps to dispel clashing colours that could take your visitors’ attention away from the overall look and feel of the room. One wrong addition could ruin the finished piece, so don’t overlook the little things.
  • Make the best of what you’ve got when it comes to natural light. Open your curtains and let the sun stream in, bouncing off mirrors and your metallic accents. This will also help to create an optical illusion that expands each room, making it feel bigger.
  • Take away your own personal touches. You wouldn’t walk into a hotel to see a small family shrine along the staircase. Portraits should be replaced with stunning artwork that captures the eye of potential buyers, drawing out the sense of luxury and style.

Your own approach

Of course it isn’t all down to the interior. If you or your agent are going in on the hard sell or over emotive pitch, you could risk tipping the balance and scaring people away. When you visit a luxury hotel you are provided with unbeatable service. The staff are there for your needs and that’s something you should keep in mind. How does this house fit the needs of a buyer?

While you show them the house, don’t be afraid to get to know them as this will conjure up their imagination and how they would live out their lives in your property. You’ll also be able to feature aspects of the house based on the info they’ve shared. For example, if you find out they have family visiting often, focus a little longer on the potential guest bedroom.

Even from the moment they first see images on your advertisement, they’ll be struck by the interior of your home.  While there’s no trick to sell your home quickly, designing your house like a luxury hotel is bound to impress those who see your property.

Written by Jess Wilby of Antara Palace, a luxury retreat in Cyprus.