How To Use A Water Fountain To Create A Stunning Outdoor Space

Plants and flowers can do a lot to add beauty to your yard or garden. Adding a water fountain, however, is a great way to take the space to the next level. The gentle sound of running water can transform your yard into a tranquil retreat, making it a more enjoyable place to spend time. Any time that you are feeling stressed, all that you have to do is step outside into your garden. Between the beauty of your surroundings and the soft sound of running water, all of your worries will simply melt away, leaving you calm and relaxed.

Garden fountains work well in any yard, regardless of its size. There are many different styles and designs of wall feature manufacture available, making it possible to find a fountain that is ideally suited to just about any space. If you want to get the most enjoyment out of the fountain, you may want to place it in an area of your yard that can be seen from inside your home. That way, you can not only enjoy your fountain when you are outdoors but you can also see it anytime you look out the window.

To further enhance your space, you may want to consider surrounding your water fountain with reflective items. For instance, consider adding a glass gazing ball or wind chimes that will sparkle in the light of the sun. You can also hang stained-glass ornaments nearby. The reflective surfaces of these items can add a light, whimsical feel to your space. When you place them next to the fountain, the water can add to the effect by reflecting even more light and color throughout the space. At the same time, however, you should avoid going overboard with garden accents. Otherwise, the space may start to look cluttered. A few well-placed reflective items should be more than enough to enhance your space.

Consider surrounding your fountain with plants. Make sure that you choose plants in a range of heights. Place the tallest plants toward the back, gradually progressing to the smallest plants as you move closer to the front of the fountain. This not only creates a beautiful backdrop for the fountain but also ensures that the plants can get enough light. Try to choose a variety of different types of plants to create visual interest in the space. To make the area even more magical, you can try lighting it up at night.

If you want to use the space at night, there are a variety of different outdoor lighting solutions available. You can choose path lights to light a walkway up to the fountain. Alternatively, you could use a spotlight to draw attention to the fountain itself. No matter what choice you make, adding a garden fountain to your yard or garden can help make the space much more attractive and enjoyable.