Insights into wallpapers for your kitchen 

Wallpapers add a sense of class and elegance to every living space, including the kitchen. Unlike before, when wallpapers were only used in the living room and bedroom, you can now add a beautiful and modern piece to your kitchen. You can get modern kitchen wallpapers at

You may have heard that grease, humid atmosphere and food splashes might damage the wallpaper. But this is the traditional knowledge. There are good reasons why you should add texture and colour to your kitchen interiors.

Are you looking to do away with conventional wall applications and try modern wallpapers? Below are insights that will help you place wallpapers in your kitchen.

kitchen with funky wallpape

Kitchen wallpaper colour and pattern

These days, wallpapers come in various colours and patterns; you will quickly find one that matches your taste and kitchen needs. Some feature simple designs, while others go beyond simple to offer a burst of energy.

Depending on your taste, you can choose warm and simple wallpaper colours and patterns or go for bright and unique coverings to brighten your kitchen space. Usually, a simple pattern design pairs well with vibrant colours, while a complex pattern blends well with neutral colours.

Ensure that you pick a wallpaper that matches well with your existing kitchen interior colours, countertops, hardware and cabinetry. If you make an excellent choice, your wallpaper will complement your interior design and remain classy for many years.

Statement wall

You can use wallpapers in your kitchen in different ways. You don’t have to confine your modern wallpapers to all walls and similar patterns. Creating a statement wall is a unique way of adding wallpaper to your kitchen and playing with quirky or extravagant designs. You can use tiles or paints on other walls, especially behind the sink and add wallpaper to one wall.

Don’t just select any wall; a statement wall should be less cluttered and easily noticeable when walking into or relaxing in the kitchen. A colourful floral wallpaper is less likely to overwhelm your kitchen when used on a statement wall only. Also, you will spend less money on wallpaper when you use it in a smaller space than the entire room.

Are wallpapers clean?

Kitchen walls get dirty quickly compared to other walls in your house. That’s the main reason why homeowners believe that tiles and paint are the best wall coverings since they are easy to clean. However, modern wallpapers are as good, if not better, as tiles when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean and beautiful.

Traditional wallpapers are prone to dirt and may absorb an unpleasant smell. The good news is that there is a variety of modern wallpapers in the market to choose from. Many manufacturers are making washable and wipeable wallpapers ideal for kitchen walls. After cooking and cleaning, you only wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Just avoid overly textured and fabric wallpapers.

kitchen wallpaper

Best wallpaper types for kitchen walls

Not all types of wallpapers are a perfect choice. There are, however, two main types recommended for kitchen walls; washable and vinyl wallpapers.

Vinyl wallpapers feature a paper base and a vinyl film with colour and patterns added to the surface. Vinyl chemical is used to create a durable, washable and thick wallpaper. These wallpapers hardly fade even when exposed to UV light.

Washable wallpapers, on the other hand, are thin compared to vinyl wallpapers. Their top layer consists of a transparent, thin plastic coating that protects the patterns and colours fixed on the base paper. Washable wallpapers are resistant to marks, dirt, stains and are easy to clean, thanks to the coating. All you need is a moist cloth to wipe down the dirt from your wall.

wallpaper pattern

Wallpaper on the kitchen backsplash

The wall or panel behind your kitchen sink and counter form the backsplash. It is more exposed to oil spatter, water droplets, and food particles than other kitchen areas.

So can you add wallpaper on the backsplash? The answer is yes. The backsplash is easily noticeable and should therefore look good. Bright coloured wallpaper with beautiful patterns would brighten this space.

Washable and vinyl wallpapers can survive around the sink. They are an excellent alternative to tiles and paintings.

Wallpapers in unexpected areas

Besides walls, you can install wallpapers inside or outside the drawers. You will add more colour and life to your kitchen space. The installation process is almost similar to adding wallpaper on the walls.

Choose a kitchen wallpaper that rhymes with the colour scheme of your space. For instance, if your wall has vibrant colours, choose bright wallpapers for your shelves. Classic prints can be a great choice since they hardly become outdated.


Take advantage of the modern, washable wallpapers to create an environment the whole family will love. A kitchen wallpaper can last for years as long as the room is well ventilated. How about you try something different and fan with kitchen wallpapers!