How to Choose the Right Wardrobe Design for a Minimalist Bedroom

Less can most certainly be more! Minimalism is grabbing hold and taking off, but executing this trending style takes a deliberate approach.

When it comes to designing your minimalist bedroom, the bed is arguably the most crucial element. However, the wardrobe is the second most important.

How do you choose the right wardrobe design that will accentuate your minimalist bedroom? Read on to find out!


What are the Fundamentals of a Minimalist Style?

A minimalist-style bedroom can be characterized by having clean, straight lines. You will not find grand architectural gestures but rather intentional geometric shapes. The colour palette is simple, having only one or two different colours in the entire space. Wild palettes are not a part of minimalistic designs, and the colour choices are calm and soothing.

The lack of excessive decorations is a fundamental part of the minimalist style. Your minimalist bedroom should not be cluttered with knick-knacks but rather let the furniture and other incorporated elements speak for themselves.

I Have a Lot of Clothes…Can a Minimalist Wardrobe Really Work for Me?

Absolutely! Wardrobes are meant to be both visually pleasing, yet practical. The key is to choose a minimalist design with the layout that best fits your needs. Freestanding wardrobes come in many different styles. Check Instrument wardrobes to find your next favourite minimalistic option.

Simple, Yet Visually Stunning Exterior

The exterior of any wardrobe you choose for a minimalist bedroom should have a clean, simple design. It will be free of extruding decorations and hardware. You should opt for a style in which doors can fully cover all interior components of the wardrobe. The added perk is that you do not have to worry about making sure the inside is neat for guests.

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Colour Makes All the Difference

The colour of your wardrobe should blend well with the palette in your bedroom. Steer clear of wild or contrasting colour choices. It is advisable to stick with neutral and earthy tones as they tend to be the most soothing.

Minimalist Doors

Minimalist designs have a sleek elegance about them. In a wardrobe, this comes out most in the style of the doors. There are many different kinds of doors to choose from. Sliding doors take up less space and lend themselves to the sleek look desired in a minimalist bedroom as opposed to swinging doors that can be quite clunky.

Inserts that function as handles are desired over protruding doorknobs and handles. It is also crucial to mention that sliding doors are best when working with a small space. The face of your door can also double as a mirror, which increases functionality and stays in line with a minimalist design.

As a bonus, mirror doors make spaces look bigger than they are.

Size Matters

The dimensions of the wardrobe you choose should be in proportion to the size of the bedroom. A freestanding closet that is too large will dwarf the bedroom and the rest of the design elements in it, including the most critical aspect, the bed.

On the other hand, a too-small wardrobe will throw off the balance for the rest of the space.

Choose the Right Material

There is no doubt that the most common material used in the construction of freestanding wardrobes is wood. However, they also come in laminate and acrylics. The type of material you choose will depend on the look of the rest of your room.

The wardrobe should be made of materials that flow with the rest of the furniture and design elements in your room. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb and will not adhere to the minimalist fundamentals.

It is crucial to note that you should only purchase a wardrobe of quality build. Furniture is something that you do not change out often, so it should be durable.

Meeting Your Storage Needs

With a minimalist design that calls for less, you may be wondering how you’re going to meet your storage needs. You have to keep in mind that a minimalist design is all about a look. This means that by choosing a style that completely hides the wardrobe’s interior, you have the freedom to pick any layout you want.

If it’s shelving you need more of, select a format that offers this. However, if hangers or drawer space is a priority, then you have the freedom to go that route as well.

Strategically folding, hanging, and arranging your belongings will help you make the most of your space. Now might also be a good time for a little spring cleaning!

The Minimalist Bedroom of Your Dreams

There is an infinite number of designs. Choosing which wardrobe to pick can seem overwhelming. However, once you understand the basic fundamentals of what makes a minimalist design, you can weed out styles that do not meet the criteria.

This guide will help you find the perfect wardrobe to create the minimalist bedroom of your dreams!