Ways you can transform your rental property with composite decking

There are many methods of enhancing the value of your rental property in the United Kingdom, ranging from small repairs like electrical repair to bigger renovation such as roof replacement.

No one likes a vacant property because it is money-draining. A great way to boost the value of your rental property is to invest money to improve the tenants’ comfort. This entails improving or renovating your property to make it more attractive to tenants.


Add an outdoor hangout area

There is a need to spruce up the backyard in your rental property to become a personal retreat that can provide comfort and relaxation for your tenant. Everyone loves a warm, cosy place that can allow them to fully appreciate the garden’s beauty that they have planned, preserved and worked hard on. Composite decks can be upgraded and customized in hundreds of ways to fit in and meet your preferences and budget — regardless of the size of your property.

Your tenant will want an inviting place to entertain their guests in their outdoor deck, so it is important to invest in a dining set with a gazebo or comfortable sectional.

If you want to transform your property’s exterior to a peaceful oasis, opt for smaller seats, recliner chairs and hammocks. For a cost-effective and cheaper alternative, you can repurpose old furniture into a chair and sofa. To bask in the glory of the sun, opt for a swingy hammock.


garden rug

Outdoor rug

An outdoor rug can add beauty and comfort to your composite deck. Every outdoor space needs a stylish touch, and an outdoor rug is an excellent addition. When shopping for the right outdoor rug for your rental property, the type of material is the most crucial factor to consider. Ensure you go for a water-resistant rug that can resist varying climatic conditions, including sunlight, snow, wind and rain.

The shape and size is another important factor you need to keep in mind when choosing the right outdoor rug. Think about the amount of space you have and the furniture you’ll use in it.

Do you have a large rectangular composite deck with chairs and a table, for instance? A rectangular-shaped outdoor rug would fit appropriately in that situation. A small deck with a round table and chair will fit best with an oval or circle-shaped rug.

Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to incorporate colour into your outdoor space. Do you want your rug to blend or complement your outdoor rug, or would you rather have it stand out? For instance, do you want a blue-coloured rug with blue furniture and white chairs, or would you rather want a bright green coloured rug instead?


Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen revolves around hosting parties outdoors and building an ideal area for meal preparation and general entertainment. During summer, your tenants will want to move their kitchen outdoors and create a functional and elegant space to cater to cooking. Equipment like grills and outdoor refrigerators are extremely important.

Another item needed is an outdoor kitchen storage facility that will provide storing solutions to your pans, plates, pots, glasses, cutleries and other kitchen utensils.

exterior lighting

Outdoor light

With outdoor light, your rental property’s exterior will remain functional even after the sunset. Lighting can also transform your outdoor space and improve the ambience of the environment. Furthermore, lighting enhances the security and safety of your property. You will want your tenants to stay outdoors and enjoy your composite deck at dusk.

  • Spotlights- Spotlight comes in a variety of brightness level and coverage areas. You can use them to brighten sculptures, trees, deck, plants and anything that needs illumination.
  • Garden Lights – Placing this type of light in your plant areas will enhance the beauty of your garden.
  • String lights – String lights strung around trees and allows you to appreciate the beauty of your outdoors. They are the most popular lighting option.