Boosting Property Value: What Buyers Really Want From a Master Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are an important part of boosting property value. For the cost of investment, renovations can provide a dramatic increase to the market price of your house, boosting it by as much as 5%.

Since the average bathroom renovation costs around £3000 and the average property is priced at £240,000, most homeowners are looking at a 400% return on their investment, if not more.

But a bathroom renovation is only going to add value to a property if it is giving buyers what they want. But what is that exactly?

All-White, Minimalist Design

White bathrooms are a major trend in 2018. People love the brightness and cleanliness of the colour palette. It exudes a sense of modernism and contemporary design that suits most personal tastes. Introducing an all-white design to your bathroom is simple. All it takes is updating your counters, tiling and bathroom units.

A minimalist bathroom compliments this trend perfectly and involves keeping the layout of a bathroom as simple and clutter-free as possible.

This means making sure everything fits neatly, that all elements have a defined place and that there is plenty of space left over. To create a minimalist space, try integrating storage, such as cabinets, into the walls and corners and utilise smaller units, such as basins and toilets.

You might also want to consider finishings that compliment the white colour pattern and minimalist design, such as timber towel racks or light-stone countertops. These add an additional contemporary touch and create an almost ‘holiday-esque’ feel.

Buyers love a spacious, simply decorated bathroom. A bathroom renovated right is both sleek and aesthetically pleasing, while also being practical for late-night visits and early-morning routines.

An Upstairs Bathroom

For ease-of-use, practicality and convenience, you can’t beat an upstairs bathroom. Nobody enjoys tracking wet feet through the house after a shower or trudging downstairs during the cold winter months to use a freezing cold toilet.

This makes an upstairs bathroom a desirable inclusion in any property. It’s also something that can easily be added before your house hits the market. Hiring a local plumber and moving a bathroom upstairs will add around £2000 to your renovation fees, but that still leaves a healthy return on investment and adds the all-important sales factor to your property.

Removal of Practicalities and the Addition of Accessories

Not everything in your minimalist bathroom needs to serve a practical purpose. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so, while it does need to be functional, it should also be a nice space to be in — hence the popularity of modern designs.

Adding accessories, such as plants, artwork and ornamentation, can really bring a bathroom to life and give it character. You’ll also want to remove anything that presents your bathroom as anything other than a relaxing space to be in. Relegate items like cleaning agents and mops and buckets to the cupboard under the stairs — they don’t belong in the bathroom anymore.

The bathroom is a tranquil environment where people go to unwind after a long day at work or build themselves up for the day to come. You don’t want it to be the place where you’re constantly thinking about the housework or chores. Your bathroom should be a relaxing space that people enjoy spending time in — so ensure that this reflects in your design choices.

Bath-Shower Combo Suite

Are you a bath person or a shower person? It’s a question we’re all asked at some point, and almost everyone has some kind of preference. In a YouGov poll, it was found that 47% of people prefer baths, while 43% would rather opt for a shower — only a select few are undecided.

Given the near-even split here, property developers and homeowners looking to sell will be torn between bath or shower when renovating their property. But the choice is obvious: go for both.

The cost of a new bath installation is around £800-£1000, while a shower is between £300-£800. Given the potential for increasing the value of your property by including renovations that people actually want, covering both bases ensures your bathroom suite is optimised for all potential buyers.

More Natural Light

A dark and dingy bathroom does not align with the bright, minimalist style that people are hungering for in 2018. Buyers are looking for beautiful open spaces with lots of natural light to bring the room together. Introduce large windows, preferably ones facing out onto open areas, that allow the entry of as much natural sunlight as possible. If windows are not an option, consider integrating a skylight into your master bathroom.

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