What can estate agents learn from Olympic athletes?

As the medals begin to roll in for Team GB There is a lot that Property Professionals can learn from the inspiring and often surprisingly young Athletes from across the globe that are swimming, cycling, riding their way into a podium position.


estate agents blog postWhatever their chosen sport and preferred distance every Olympic competitor will have stamina. This is not just at race time but instead the ability to deliver time and time again.

Many Estate Agents especially Smaller Independent agents may feel at times they are competing against ‘bigger boys’ who can throw money at marketing to achieve results. Smaller Agents are often formed by property professionals who have years of experience in their local market but when it comes to marketing especially online they fail to have the stamina and use their natural advantage to implement an ongoing strategy which over time can build up a much stronger brand….


Sportsman and women train every day. It builds their strength, it helps perfect their technique. It makes them the incredible athletes they are. Obvious isn’t it?  Yet how many of us work on improving our own business every day

Okay so you rented the office you made a nice website and you linked up to a few property portals so sit back and let the customers come find you. Meanwhile your muscles both metaphorically and literally turn flabby. Exercise your brand muscle by involving yourself in your community both online and in person. Sponsor local events. Write blogs for sites such as this, build up a great reputation for the being the go to agent while creating a credible brand


While strength and stamina are essential for the long haul speed is also of the essence whether it is in sport or the property industry.

The digital marketplace has speeded up our access to information and we now live in a world where we expect information to be instantaneous. Even if you don’t embrace digitally technology personally this isn’t going to go away and future generations will expect this level of technology and more as standard.

Furthermore, how many of you have current customers who hare more demanding than ever? Expecting details and photographs to be uploaded and marketed online within record time? Yes you may leave this to the property portals but really your vendors expect a more personal service that is delivered at record speed.


Many articles in the run up to the Olympics have commented on the Focus required by top athletes to help achieve sporting success. After all, no athlete would take part in an event without focussing on the end goal.

It makes sense that anyone in any business should have clear definable goals yet many Estate Agents appear to throw themselves into a so called ‘marketing strategy’ without any such goals in mind. This is especially true of social media as agents keen to spread their message and their ‘brand’ on whatever is the latest social sharing bandwagon.

However the old adage remains true that while a happy customer may recommend you to one friend, an unhappy customer will tweet, share and ‘dislike’ you to anyone who listens.


While athletes may specialise in one sport their training will encompass a variety of routines and techniques.

Agents should also take a multi-stranded approach in their marketing. A high street presence alone has not been enough for sometime. Increasingly agents require a strong online profile that now embraces everything from portal sites and listing to social media.

Not only does this exercise different muscles it creates breadth of reach and depth to ones marketing campaigns. This is an effective way to attract new vendors and potential customers.

Of course while lots can be learnt from cream of the crop in this Summers Olympics it does require more than good intentions to put an effective marketing strategy in place. Again take your cue from the International Paralympics Committee motto: Spirit in Motion.