What do people look for when buying a luxury home?

Have you ever tried to find a luxurious house online and thought “hang on, this doesn’t look like a luxury home!” There are thousands of real estate listings on the web that claim to be a “luxury” property, but what are people really looking for when buying a new home?

Local Area

Finding the perfect location is very important when finding a luxury property. You can find out how luxurious a house really is by looking at the homes of neighbours in the area.

Luxury properties tend to be located on the outskirts of large cities where there is more land to build bigger houses. Towns such as Beaconsfield and Lingfield are brilliant examples of this, as you can find exquisitely large homes in the countryside whilst still being within reach of the city of London.

Local amenities such as golf courses, polo clubs, public gardens and high-end restaurants also indicate that the home you are looking at is a luxury property, as it’s situated in a more desirable area.

Luxury homes in Lingfield
Luxury homes in Lingfield

Architecture and Space Layout

If you look at the style of a building and find unique features that you wouldn’t necessarily find in a normal house, you can be rest assured the property is of a higher, more luxurious calibre.

Some of these features include:

  • Smart home technology
  • Entertainment (Movie room etc)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Super Room (open plan kitchen/dining/living area)

Most luxury homes also have large open-plan rooms that create a seamless flow throughout the property.

Large Kitchen

Speaking of large rooms, the kitchen is highly important when looking for a luxury home (if you like to cook!) A luxury kitchen should be installed with the latest technology, and the area should be large enough so that you can socialise with friends and family as you cook. These features tick all of the boxes of having the ultimate luxury experience.

Luxury Kitchen in the Highfield Development by Millgate Homes
Luxury Kitchen in the Highfield Development by Millgate Homes

Quality finishes and materials

When you are looking for a new property, take a second look at the materials being used in the building. If the home has resilient flooring and solid kitchen surfaces, such as granite or slate, then it’s more likely to be luxurious.

A deluxe home will also have fancy furniture and designer made antiques, adding charisma to every room of the property.


The majority of luxury homes are located in secluded areas, away from noisy roads and prying neighbours. Having a large garden in a quieter area makes it incredibly desirable!

Looking to live in a luxury home?

If you are ready to live the life of luxury, Millgate Developments are very good at building the perfect home. The house builders create a variety of luxury buildings from renovated apartments to new luxury houses.

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