What Does It Cost to Move from UK to US?

Just imagine you decided to move to a new country. You must pack up your bag, leave everything behind, and go to another country to start your new life. This sounds exciting, but with that, you must know the cost you would need to move there.

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In this article, you will learn all the important things you need to know before you move and, importantly, the cost of moving from the UK to the US whether it includes your essential documents, boarding costs, finding an apartment, or buying stuff for yourself.

Things You Need Before Moving from UK to US

Moving from the UK to the US, everyone needs a legal document in the form of a visa. This is your permission to move. You can imagine a visa as a distinct pass allowing you to live in another country based on study purposes, working, or meeting your family. This process requires some costs that you will need to pay.

Visa Application Fees

Whenever you apply for a visa, you have to pay the moving cost of the UK to the US in the form of a visa. This visa fee is a processing charge for those who check your documents and decide if you can get a visa. Visa cost depends upon the type of visa you are applying for. For instance, there is a different cost for a working visa; the same is true for a study and visit visa.

Immigration Attorney or consultant

Sometimes, people come across some difficulties, such as the cost of moving from the UK to the US. In such cases, people seek help from a consultant or immigration attorney who will guide them through the proper procedure and the documents they need to apply for the visa.

Medical Examination

The most common expense an immigrant encounters in the cost of moving from the UK to the US is getting a medical checkup to ensure that they are physically fit and will not bring any illness to the US. Medical examination charges include doctor’s fees, tests, etc.

Travel Expenses for Visa Interview

During your visa process, you will also have to attend an interview. The interview location can be a bit far from your residence. Therefore, you need to save some extra money for your accommodation and travel.

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Supporting Documents

You will need some additional credentials or proof of a job offer for a visa. Sometimes, they need to be translated and verified. This whole process costs extra charges and includes moving from the UK to the US.

Cost of moving from UK to US – ALL You Need To Know

Traveling expenses are the main hurdle in moving from the UK to the US. It involves a precise journey across the Atlantic Ocean, which is not for free.

Travel Cost

Generally, traveling costs include every penny you spend during the whole trip. From the time you packed your bag till you moved to the US. You will have to spend a huge portion of your budget on tickets. These tickets are plane passes that will help you to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the US. Price may vary according to time and specialties.

Moreover, you will have to pay if you are considering carrying extra luggage. You will pay for each extra bag you have with you. To ensure safety measures, you can get travel insurance to prevent any unexpected situation during travel.

Local Transportation

Post moving from the UK to the US, you will notice that both countries do not have a lot of difference in their traveling passes. $70.00 (£66.60) in the US, and the average in the UK is $77.50 (£65.20). You will notice that US citizens prefer their vehicles to public transportation as it is cheaper.

Living Cost

Before moving from the UK to the US, consider your accommodation because you might find it difficult to look for a suitable living place. Living somewhere will cost you all related expenses, from renting an apartment or buying a house to doing groceries for yourself and paying additional utility bills. The average cost according to Three Movers is discussed below.

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Cost of Living in the UK

  • If you are single and have accommodation, then it will cost you £ 688 or $ 813
  • If you intend to live with family, it will cost you £2380 or $ 2809 “excluding rent.”

Cost of Living in the USA

  • A single person living in the USA costs around $1000 or £ 843 without paying the rent.
  • For a family person moving, the cost of living from the UK to the US and a living will cost $3557 or £ 3000

Driver’s License

If you own a vehicle and want to drive. You will need a driver’s license from your current district, territory, or state you are living in. Besides this, if you want to know any other necessities, you can contact the motor vehicle department of your state.

An interim driver’s license costs £34(online) and £44(by post) In the UK. However, there might be some differences In the US. Distinction in Missouri and Washington are $10 (£8.40) and $89.00(£74.89). In addition, few states have extra renewal fees, and even license expires after customary years.

Utility Bills

When it comes to the cost of moving from the UK to the US, It’s cheaper to pay for basic services like electricity, water, heating, cooling, and garbage in the United States compared to the United Kingdom. If you have a medium-sized apartment, you will pay around $176 in the US and about £181.89 in the UK monthly.

But when it comes to the cost of the internet, it’s a bit more expensive in the US. A good internet connection (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data) costs around $68.50 in the US, while only about £30.20 in the UK.


Before moving from the UK to the US, you must understand and maintain your budget to live comfortably in another country. You should be aware of all the rules and regulations. And carry an extra budget amount to prevent further difficulties.