The Top 5 Things Renters Want to See Before Signing a Contract

When it comes to renting a property, there are several things renters would like to see before they sign a contract. More specifically, the top five things are:


  1. Good Upkeep

The most important thing renters typically want to see is good upkeep. A property that has been well-maintained will appeal more to prospective renters than a property that is in mediocre condition. The last thing any tenant wants is problem after problem with their rental.

Not only is it important for repairs and upkeep to be done prior to a tenant moving in, but renters want to know that the upkeep will continue while they reside at the property. This is why the contract should state that general upkeep will be ongoing and that maintenance issues will be handled quickly and efficiently.

clean kitchen

  1. Appliances and Decor

Another thing people want to see are state-of-the-art appliances. They want energy-efficient and modern appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and a dishwasher. Generally speaking, these are the top appliances renters care about the most.

Besides that, the decor should be in excellent condition and not out of date. This goes for everything from the carpeting to the wallpaper to tiles and so forth. The overall decor is one of the very first features renters notice about properties, and they usually know right away whether or not they want to rent a place based on what they see.

Remember, first impressions are everything, so landlords need to pay attention to the appliances that are property is fitted with, as well as what the current decor is being used.

  1. Durable Doors That Are Stylish

When people live in any property, they want to feel safe and secure. Doors play a major role in security, which is why many renters won’t sign a contract until they have a thorough look at the doors. This includes all of the doors that the property has.

Good options for doors include prehung doors, which are known for being durable and at the same time being stylish. If landlords currently don’t have durable doors installed, then now is the time to replace them. Before a prospective tenant even enters the property, they will notice the entry door. Once inside, they’ll likely instantly be drawn to the decor, as well as any interior doors.


  1. Heating System

More and more renters are choosing to sign contracts for places that are equipped with a quality heating system. There are several things the majority of renters want in a heating system, with efficiency being at the top of the list. They don’t want to spend too much money on energy bills, so the more efficient a heating system is, the better. Control is another important feature prospective renters want in a heating system. They want the option to heat up just a single space or several spaces at once.

If a landlord has not replaced their property’s heating system in a long time, then they should do it soon. Not only will a high-end heating system appeal to renters, but it will keep them in the property. In fact, one of the main reasons people move is due to a property having an inadequate heating system.

  1. Parking

Finally, there is the issue of parking. Prospective renters want their own parking space, or they want adequate parking if they are renting a house with a driveway. It doesn’t matter what type of property a landlord is trying to rent, parking issues should be clearly addressed in the contract, that way there are no complaints in the future.

Renters don’t want to stress out over trying to find a place to park. If a landlord’s property is located in a busy area where parking is scarce, then this might pose a problem. They’ll want to solve this issue before showing off the property to prospective tenants. The good news is there is usually a solution, even if it means charging renters a little bit extra, which they will likely be more than willing to pay.

Renters want to ensure a property has been well-maintained and has durable doors installed. They care about heating/cooling, appliances, and decor, as well as parking. If a landlord or property management company can offer all of the above, then they shouldn’t have any problems finding renters to sign a contract.