What will be the hottest interior design trends in 2016?

Looking to get in early on the hottest interior design trends of 2016? Then look no further – we’ve got seven key trends to invest in.

Minimalist Windows

interior_design_1If the past few years have been all about the bohemian look – soft fabrics, billowing curtains and cushions – then it’s time for a reversal. The emphasis on windows now is minimalism – keeping them neat and clear, widening out the room and opening up to the light. One excellent way to achieve this is to move away from curtains, and towards blinds. Look into options such as bespoke roman blinds – getting them custom made is a great way to ensure they fit neatly and work with the minimalist aesthetic you’re going for. Of course, minimalism in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean plain! You can easily have patterned blinds – the lack of weight and fabric to them when compared to curtains means they’ll still be much less overwhelming in a room.


Just like with fashion, metallic are in. From stainless steel to bronzes, coppers and golds, metallic shades are the in-material right now. Whilst you don’t want to make your house look like some chrome-covered shrine to Mad Max, adding in some subtle hints of shine here and there will make sure you’re bang on trend. Metallic vases, picture frames and other smaller pieces are a great way to incorporate this trend into your house without it going too far.



This trend is great, because it’s one that can easily be mixed in with others. Being eco-friendly and buying sustainably sourced décor is one of the big things to come into its own this year, and though it can be tricky to work out where to start, once you get researching it’s easier than you’d think. Wood products are one of the big places to start checking how they’re sourced, and it’s often regulated by organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council. Making sure you get your décor from companies that are open about their sources, and that are willing to subscribe to the ideas of organisations like this, means you’re likely to be getting the most sustainable products you can. This also links in well with…

Artisan Furniture

Buying hand-crafted and/or local products is in for 2016 – and whilst it can get expensive, you can get away with just buying a statement piece of two and then getting the rest of your décor as usual. Buying local and/or hand-crafted products often makes it easier to get sustainably sourced items, plus there’s the room for customisation that you simply don’t get with bigger companies. If you’ve got an awkwardly sized room or perhaps just want something a bit unusual, this is the trend for you to get on board with.


Think florals belong to the realms of old people’s dining rooms? No more. Big, bold and beautiful florals are making a comeback – particularly in unusual colours. Think big cherry blossom prints, or even combine it with the metallic trend and go for a gothic silver-and-black rose pattern. The key trick to making this trend work for you is to not overemphasise it. You want to choose a couple of key locations to focus on with this – don’t go for both the furniture and the wallpaper, for instance, just choose one!

Dramatic Colours

It can be tempting to fall into the trap of keeping everything neutral, but this often leads to bland. Take a risk and go with dramatic colours – whether that’s neons (pink is in this year) or darker shades. As with the florals, you don’t want to overdo it, so make sure you’re focusing on some key areas. If you have a small room, we’d suggest focusing on the furniture rather than the walls, but for larger locations you may want to take advantage of the space and do something exciting with the walls.


Finally, there’s the mineral trend. This is one that has been building up throughout 2015, but is coming into its own in 2016. Think geodes as décor and focal pieces, and you’re spot on. Whether its prints and patterns based on geometric minerals, or actually purchasing pieces made of the materials themselves, following this trend is great for giving your house some edginess whilst still remaining classy.