Buying in Spain?- Complete Guide on Where to Buy Property on the Costa Blanca

Buying a property is one of the most exciting steps individuals take. But it involves so much work. Apart from thinking of the location, you also have to consider the price, size among other things. Therefore, this process can get overwhelming. That’s why it’s always advisable that you take your time and work closely with a real estate agent.

If you’re thinking of moving or purchasing a home on the Costa Blanca, then don’t worry. Although this process may seem intimidating, it is not as hard as many people think. With a few considerations, you’ll be able to purchase your dream house quickly. We will walk you through the things you should consider when buying a property here. The world health organization (WHO) voted the area around Javea on the Costa Blanca as one of the healthiest climates to live in.


Decide between Northern and Southern Costa Blanca

First, it’s essential that you understand there’s a significant difference between northern and southern Costa Blanca. The southern part has a hot climate and flat terrains on the coast. This provides excellent sandy beaches. Here, towns are centered around the beach, which means individuals get to choose from many apartments which give them scenic beach views.

But when you move northwards, you’ll notice a change in the terrain. There are more mountains and once you move past Benidorm, you’ll see green land everywhere, although earlier it was dry. Many people love the northern Costa Blanca. Most of us like staying in green fertile climates. This region reminds ex-pats of the northern part of Europe where they came from, as it is also green.

Towns spread inland and are surrounded by many villas. This area has many green valley’s full of farm products. However, the beaches in this place are not as nice. But sand is of high quality. Plus, you’ll enjoy rocky beaches as well as cliffs and coves. Many international and local estate agencies have established a foothold on the Northern Costa Blanca in recent years, as moving abroad is not seen as such a problem as it was 10 years ago. With infrastructure improvements on the up on most areas, more families tend to be moving to the area. In fact, Mike Jones, sales director of Inmo Javea, a developer based around Javea in the North Costa Blanca, says over 75% of his enquiries come from families looking to relocate overseas and see Spain as a perfect location.

Although this northern side is more scenic and prettier, it is expensive and miles from the airports. Therefore, for someone who just wants a holiday home, they should consider buying in the southern part of the Costa Blanca. This area is developed with restaurants and other entertainment joints. Plus, beaches are close to Murcia or Alicante airports, which means you’ll not need car hire.

However, if you want to live on the Costa Blanca full-time, then buy a house in the northern side, that is from Benidorm upwards. Consider inland towns like La Nucia or coastal towns of Javea, Denia or Calpe.


Think about Your Age

As weird as that sounds, your age also influences which apartment you’ll buy. If you are retired, then you can buy anywhere. However, for those working then age should be considered when purchasing a house. Living in a remote area while working can be somehow frustrating. Therefore, consider urban places which have a large ex-pat population, unless you can speak/understand Spanish well.

Remember that some cities may be urban but very Spanish. For instance, Alicante is an excellent place but most people living here speak Spain. You can consider staying in Benidorm as there will be work, although seasonal since this is the largest tourist attraction.

But one should mostly look south where there are many ex-pats such as Torrevieja and the towns nearby. English is widely spoken in these places. Thus, you’ll not have a difficult time getting services or job opportunities.

Additionally, towns like Calpe, Javea and Denia have a large ex-pat population. Thus, they’ll be suitable places to live and work in.



The Costa Blanca is an excellent place to live in for all lifestyles. But it is a huge area in Spain. Therefore, it has many towns. Thus, deciding where to live can be somehow confusing. Hence, it is important that you think of your lifestyle, budget, and what you plan on using your home for, when deciding where to buy.