Why choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is easily one of the best options on the current market, and one of the most popular. Like any flooring type it has some drawbacks, but it is easily one of the best for its versatility and reliability, whilst ensuring it keeps prices down to a minimum.

One of the reasons Laminate is so popular it because it can simulate a number of other flooring types. It’s constructed of a number of different layers, with the primary layer a high density fibreboard (HDF). HDF is a strong material, thus making it perfect for areas of high traffic. The top layer is scratch resistant, this is ideal for households with pets and small children. Unlike wood flooring, it won’t permanently damage.

The installation process is the easiest out there, the click-loc system, the most simple DIY installation. It’s also very easy to take care of, a vac every week will make sure that your floor is still gleaming. A wet mop will also ensure that it remains as clean as possible.

It is perfect for any rooms that aren’t exposed to high levels of moisture. So it’s best to avoid bathrooms and kitchens, but dining rooms and living areas are perfect. If water prevention methods are in place though, it will work anywhere.

Laminate is it is far greener than many other flooring types due to its primary wood byproduct material. So if you’re trying to find a flooring that’s good for the environment and eco friendly, then laminate is the perfect option.

One of the few drawbacks of laminate is that due to its makeup it can’t be refinished. So unlike wood flooring that can be resanded, if it takes permanent damage it need to be refitted with new planks. It’s also not one of the most comfortable underfoot, and because it is a cheaper material, the lifespan isn’t as good as more pricier floorings. If you’re wanting a long lasting flooring, it may be worth thinking about investing in solid wood.

Laminate is mostly full of positives, and is a very good choice to have in your home. It’s perfect for homes on a tighter budget, and despite its drawbacks is definitely recommended. We hope our guide has helped you!