Why Hire a Professional Home Stager/Property Dresser?

In today’s competitive property market, one of the most efficient and profitable ways to sell a property fast is through Home Staging. According to top Vancouver Home Staging company The Staging Goddess, Home Staging works by emphasizing the positive features and benefits of a property, letting potential buyers see themselves living in the home. Thus, the art of staging is creating a space that reflects a lifestyle that people want to have.

So, what is the best way to stage your home? Some homeowners opt for the DIY approach, but if you are looking for the best way to maximise your property’s potential in order to receive the best deal when selling your home, professional is the way to go.

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Less Time on the Market

According to HSA’s 2019 Staging Report, 94% of agents stated that staging increased the number of property viewings. Today, the internet is crucial when it comes to selling a home, and staging a property professionally allows for it to be presented well in photographs and in person, which will inevitably attract more potential buyers, bring in more walk-throughs and result in a quick purchase. Find out how HSA member Lemon and Lime Interiors’ staging were able to make a record sale of a property after just 3 days on the market here.


Higher Selling Price

The HSA 2019 Report also revealed that 86% of agents reported that staged homes sell faster than non-staged home, and up to three times faster. Presentation is vital when it comes to selling a property and in short, well-designed homes sell for more.

In order to make a property stand out from the crowd and make more profit, it needs to cater to different buyers and feature qualities that attract potential homeowners, a skill that only professional Home Stagers are capable of carrying out effectively. The numbers show too, with our report discovering that 78% of agents agree that home staging can increase the offer value of a property by up to 10%.

Before & After by HAS Member EHG Home
Before & After by HSA Member EHG Home

Less Stressful Process

Staging a property requires a lot of time, patience and creativity, and can often be a challenge for a single homeowner. Using professional Home Stagers allows you to receive the best service and interior design advice possible. Professional stagers have the experience and expert knowledge to beautifully transform a space whilst also sticking to any parameters that a homeowner may require.

Professionals are also well-versed in the art of interior design, colour palettes, and different textures and furnishings. They work to maximise the flow and ambience in each room and are able to stage a property so that its best features are accentuated in order for buyers to see its’ true potential. Check out how HSA member Dressed2Sell effectively stages their properties here.

So, sit back and relax, and let the professionals work their magic. Not only is professional staging an investment that allows you to make significant financial gain, it is a less-stressful process that will help take the weight off your shoulders, and ultimately result in a quicker, greater purchase.