Why should I STOP Investing In Property?

1. You could lose everything if house prices crash. It didn’t happen during one of the worst global financial crises ever. It hasn’t happened before or since. But who knows, it just might.

2. You’ll have to take on more debt. As a nation we’re head over heels in debt. Then again taking on debt to buy property is a whole lot better than debt on a credit card or to buy a car. Debt on property, capital plus interest too, is almost always covered by the rise in property values over the years.

3. You’ll make a regular income each and every month. All without taking on another job. It hardly seems fair or moral, so maybe you shouldn’t do it.

4. You’ll have to pay more tax. A depressing thought yes, that all takes the shine off the fact that you’re making more money.

5. You’ll probably have to deal with annoying problems at awkward times. Like a broken toilet on a Sunday evening. Let’s be honest though, in the league table of life’s problems problems like that hardly rank anywhere.

6. You might have to deal with tenants. Yes real people. And that would never do. (If you really can’t face the idea, there are lots and lots of letting agents who’ll do it for you – for a small consideration of course.)

7. You might find that your investment not only keeps pace with inflation, but outpaces it. A novel concept indeed, especially when you compare property with other ‘investments’ like cash savings and many stocks and shares.

8. Right now, the government doesn’t seem to want you to invest in property anymore.

If there’s ever a reason to keep on investing in property – making a sensible choice of property investments and buying at the right price – this really must be it.

What’s so good about investing in property that they don’t want ordinary people to do it?

Mark Hempshell is Editor In Chief of Property Insider which offers news, information and strategies exclusively for property investors and property professionals.